If you are looking to have fun or hope to improve your lap times then Arrive&Drive is perfect for you.

282A Daytona Arrive&Drive gives drivers the opportunity to experience our karts and circuits during a timed track session.

Scheduled every day of the week, these timed practice sessions are available for all age categories. Although they are not a race format, drivers are timed and are rated in lap time order in the lap time printouts provided at the end of the session. Our Arrive&Drives also include all safety equipment and a thorough safety briefing.

Session durations and prices vary depending on the day of the week, with the best value sessions being available on weekday daytimes. At our Sandown Park, Milton Keynes and Tamworth venues, we also offer Arrive&Drive in our high-performance DMAX karts allowing serious racers the opportunity to hone their skills.

The Daytona Double gives drivers the chance to enjoy two on-track sessions with a break in between. Actual session lengths vary depending on the circuit and the day of the week, but typically a Daytona Double gives drivers a 15 minute on track session, then a 20 minute break during which they can compare lap times with the other drivers and grab drinks and snacks before they then head back out for a second 15 minute session on track.

Please choose a circuit below for more information about the Arrive&Drive formats available. We also offer Arrive&Drive for younger drivers.