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Week 1: Daytona Racing Championships 2023

Week 1: Daytona Racing Championships 2023

Week One

A wet weekend didn’t stop the action at Daytona Motorsport, the green flag waved on the commencement of the 2023 Daytona Go Kart Racing Championships in Milton Keynes, Surrey and Tamworth.


The drivers, spectators and marshals showed great commitment in enduring the deluge, as the InKart and Junior Sprint Leagues kicked off at Sandown Park, the SuperChamps and Junior Sprint League at Milton Keynes, and the InKart and SuperChamps at Tamworth.


With wet conditions comes great drama. An inherent part of motorsport is mastering the wet-weather conditions, and drivers demonstrated fantastic discipline and technique throughout.


In Milton Keynes, there was a gold medal for young Harry Asher in the Junior Spring league, and gold medals for Dom Balasaitis, Barry Morris, Adam Thomas, and Kuba Wozniak in the first round of the SuperChamps.


Sandown Park saw gold medals for Jack Edger, Max Heywood, and Jake Faulkner in the InKart, with Zac McDonald taking the gold in Junior Sprint League.


Championships return the week commencing 16th January.


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