Beginners Go Karting for Ages 6 - 7. Go Karting Training!

Bambino Go-Karting at Daytona – Where it all begins

At Daytona Motorsport, we are renowned as the UK’s premier outdoor kart racing institution, and pride ourslves on being industry leaders in delivering racing education to children. We know that the passion for karting starts young, with children as young as six years old taking their first laps at our venues.

Karting for 6 and 7-Year-Olds in Multiple Locations

Are you looking for the perfect place to introduce your 6 or 7-year-old to the world of karting? Look no further! Daytona Motorsport warmly welcomes young racers at all three of our fantastic venues: Surrey (Sandown Park), Tamworth (Birmingham), and Milton Keynes.

A Comprehensive Karting Education

Our commitment to nurturing young talents goes beyond the thrill of racing. We specialise in providing a comprehensive educational program to teach children the art of go-karting and the fundamentals of racing. This includes vital skills like braking, steering, and cornering, along with an understanding of racing rules, flags, lights, and boards.

Bambino Karting Induction

For children aged six and seven, we have a mandatory Bambino Induction program. During this induction, young racers will acquire essential racing skills while getting behind the wheel of go-karts out on the Junior track. Upon successful completion, they will earn a certificate, qualifying them for Bambino Practice sessions – the next step in their karting journey.

Bambino Practice Sessions

Once your six or seven year old has completed their induction, they can book onto 20 minute practice sessions, where they hone their skills on the Junior track against up to 5-10 other bambino drivers and record their lap times as they go around the track.

Safety First at Daytona Motorsport

Safety is our top priority at Daytona Motorsport. Parents can rest assured that their child’s karting experience will be supervised by seasoned experts. Our highly-trained marshals, both on the track and in the Race Control room with CCTV monitoring, ensure that your child’s karting adventure is as safe as it is thrilling.

Beginners Karting in London, Birmingham, and Buckinghamshire

We welcome kids and families from London to Birmingham and everywhere in between. Whether you’re seeking 6-year-old karting near you or wondering how old your child needs to be to start karting, Daytona Motorsport is trusted choice. Our commitment to karting education, safety, and the thrill of the track makes us the ideal starting point for any young racing enthusiast.

Ready to ignite your child’s passion for karting? Join us at Daytona Motorsport, where the journey to competitive racing begins!

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This circuit is situated in the middle of Milton Keynes and considered to be one of the best go-kart circuits in the UK. It was designed by James Hunt and has a rich racing history.



Daytona Sandown Park is widely regarded as the best outdoor go-kart venue in the South of England, it’s only 5 minutes from the M25 and 13 miles from Central London.



Daytona Tamworth is an outdoor go-kart track situated just five minutes from Tamworth town centre and within a short driving distance from Central Birmingham.