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Abi Sanders Qualifies for the SODI World Series

Abi Sanders Qualifies for the SODI World Series

Abi Sanders Qualifies for the SODI World Series

Daytona Tamworth regular Abi Sanders has been racing at Daytona since she was eleven years old and has come through our ranks, starting in a cadet kart and progressing through the ranks to racing DMAX-GTs in our Championships six years later.

Abi has been selected to represent the United Kingdom at the 2023 SODI World Series (SWS) Finals in Slovakia, 5-8 July, after having qualified for the internationally-recognised tournament through her racing at Daytona. She's the only British female who has been selected to compete.

A serial winner and meticulously talented driver, Abi has achieved over 120 podium finishes throughout her racing career at Daytona. We're proud that Abi is getting the recognition she deserves, and will be sponsoring her at the tournament, and routing for her along the way. Follow our Instagram page to see how she gets along in Bratislava.

The 2023 SWS Finals  consists of practice on Wednesday 5th, for Abi to get a feel for the track, then qualifying and heats on Thursday 6th, before a final on Saturday 8th.


Daytona customers who race SODI karts at Sandown Park & Milton Keynes, or DMAX-GT karts at Tamworth can register for the SODI World Series and accrue points to attempt to qualify for next year's finals.

Monitor your progress effortlessly on the Sodi World Series website or app, which provides personalised race statistics and achievements. This platform allows you to compare your performance with your peers and talented drivers from around the globe.

By consistently participating in races, you accumulate more points, elevating your position in the global rankings.

Accumulate a sufficient number of points, and you'll have the opportunity to qualify for the prestigious Sodi World Series International Final!

How to register

1. Go to the SODI WORLD SERIES website registration page or APP to register yourself for the competition.

2. Fill out your details and list your local Daytona venue as your 'affiliated track' Use the email address associated with your Daytona profile.


After You've Registered

1. Book a race as normal via our website or over the phone

2. Once you're booked in, you ALSO need to pre-register yourself for the race you've booked on the SODI WORLD SERIES website or app

3. Points are automatically distributed by Daytona and SWS after the race is complete


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