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Closest Racing Ever at TW Steel DMAX Round 6

Closest Racing Ever at TW Steel DMAX Round 6

Following Sunday′s epic racing in Round 6 of the TW Steel DMAX Championship, we thought we would dedicate the Daytona home page to those drivers who excelled in the face of amazingly close competition in our high performance DMAX karts.

93 Drivers took part in the sixth round of the TW Steel DMAX Championships, across three endurance races and 12 heats races on the Zulu Circuit at Whilton.

Qualifying laptimes for all three weight classes were the closest yet with less than 0.75 seconds separating the top 15 drivers in the light endurance class – see just how close the laptimes were by clicking here:

We are already looking forward to the next round – which is at Daytona Sandown Park on Sunday 21st August – but using the Reverse Alternate Circuit for the first time ever for the DMAX champs!

Call Mark Wimblett on 03303327870 if you want to join us for what promises to be yet another superb day of racing!

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