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Daytona 24 Hour: Results

Daytona 24 Hour: Results

All photos of the event available here 

SODI 24 Hour Results

POSKartCompetitorDiffLapsBest LapBest Lap No.
128CI Group SODI11161:14.333450
220Alpha Delta Racing 1 Lap11151:14.37012
318CS7 Racing 2 Laps11141:14.20887
413Maple Motorsport SODI5 Laps11111:14.873198
529Quintessential Velocity 5 Laps11111:14.68111
623SOME RANDOM BLOKE19 Laps10971:15.258579
78TRX RACING SODI19 Laps10971:15.446791
810Vertice Racing 23 Laps10931:15.33823
921Algorithmic Ascendancy24 Laps10921:15.701815
109Team beans28 Laps10881:14.905611
116TGS Racing29 Laps10871:15.171603
1224Redemption Racing 30 Laps10861:15.44521
1315Fox Motorsport35 Laps10811:15.272602
1430Cole Clarke Racing 38 Laps10781:15.397700
1514Beige Gazebo43 Laps10731:15.445179
1627Wyres Racing Alpha52 Laps10641:15.602105
1717BD Racing55 Laps10611:15.09432
1816Wheels Mith 58 Laps10581:15.889411
1926Wyres Racing Bravo 66 Laps10501:16.54532
207Team MARIOSHART77 Laps10391:16.14234
2111UK SimRacing79 Laps10371:15.74241
223Norfolk and Chance81 Laps10351:16.17811
2325Magic Mansells112 Laps10041:18.062351
2412Team Gliptone245 Laps8711:16.145248
2522UK Truck and Plant Group 552 Laps5641:15.45519

DMAX 24 Hour Results

POSKartCompetitorDiffLapsBest LapBest Lap No.
1106Cobra Racing 12081:07.160694
2120Young Guns Racing 1 Lap12071:06.792822
3127Brentwood Banta2 Laps12061:06.6975
4116Six Helmets Racing 5 Laps12031:07.28713
5110JZ Racing 8 Laps12001:07.384822
6112CI Group DMAX 8 Laps12001:06.710776
7111Maple Motorsport DMAX9 Laps11991:06.84520
8113Faster Racing Team 11 Laps11971:06.82128
9123TRX Racing and S712 Laps11961:06.919396
10146myPremier Racing Team 17 Laps11911:07.19537
11131Puresims with FreeM22 Laps11861:07.12049
12121Team Balaclava 24 Laps11841:07.921238
13124Raven Motorsport Alpha 25 Laps11831:07.61222
14122GDR Motorsport 26 Laps11821:07.64138
15104Bill + Ben28 Laps11801:08.00431
16105Club 73 Mafia 30 Laps11781:08.03487
17125Raven Motorsport Bravo 32 Laps11761:07.600513
18102S7 TRX Racing 40 Laps11681:07.407878
19108#Wiseman Reborn 43 Laps11651:07.41815
20109TRP Racing 43 Laps11651:08.060828
21114No gear no idea 57 Laps11511:08.0226
22107MasterCart sLola59 Laps11491:07.77714
23115Team Neo491 Laps7171:08.65242
24119PALS Batalion CIC 540 Laps6681:08.26415

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