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Daytona CEO Delivers Aid to Hospitals & Orphanages in Ukraine

Daytona CEO Delivers Aid to Hospitals & Orphanages in Ukraine

Supporting Ukraine at the front line

With the focus of the news having shifted to the tragedy in Gaza, it’s easy to forget there’s still a deadly war raging on in Ukraine, and they need support now more than ever.

In April 2022, Daytona CEO Charles Graham drove a trailer full of aid from the UK to Ukraine, via Poland to support Siobhan’s Trust. This year, he’ll be venturing even further into the front line with even more supplies, alongside Ukraine Charity veteran Paul Fullick.

They’ll be departing next week, on Tuesday 14th November, and will head to Kyiv to deliver medical supplies to hospitals*, then on to Lviv to do the same. After that, they’ll be visiting orphanages in Kharkiv** and Kherson, and finally delivering supplies to the incredible team of volunteers at Siobhan’s Trust on the front line to the east of Kherson.

In order to complete the trip, it is estimated it will cost £4,000 to go towards:

· Fuel - £1,000
· Winter tyres - £1,500
· Automotive care kit - £1,000
· Subsistence - £500

Any additional funds raised will be donated to the charities he’s working in conjunction with: Siobhan’s Trust and the Ukraine Sunflower Aid.

Charles would be incredibly grateful for any support. We're calling out to our personal and professional network in asking for generous people or organisations to help fund this important cause. He wouldn’t be able to do this without you.

Your donations will be used to directly improve the lives of many young children and families whose lives have been impacted by Putin’s war.

You can donate to this important cause on GoFundMe.

Charles would like to thank Junction 8, his favourite coffee place at the top of Reigate hill, Parallel Financial, by far and away the best financial planning and employee benefit company in the world, his colleagues at Daytona Motorsport and others who will all get a mention as we move forward.

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