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Daytona Championships

Daytona Championships


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Milton Keynes



On a cold and sunny day at the Daytona Milton Keynes SODI Superchamps round 5, adrenaline-pumped racers took on the challenging cliff-drop layout of the circuit, setting the stage for intense competition.

In heat 1, the grid was set with Dylan Jenkins leading from the pole position, with Harry Asher and Kieran Duncan behind. However, it was Harry Asher who seized control, delivering a dominant performance in the lightweight category, leaving Luca Brooks and Daniel Varlan to battle for the remaining podium spots.

Meanwhile, in the heavyweight category, Justin Elliott exhibited his prowess, clinching victory by a staggering 8-second margin over the formidable duo of Giles and John Coke.

As heat 2 commenced with a reversed starting grid, the excitement only intensified. Daniel Varlan emerged victorious, showcasing his skill with a 5-second lead over Luca Brooks and the relentless Harry Asher, who charged through the pack.

In the heavyweight division, Paul Bately demonstrated his mettle, outmanoeuvring the Coke brothers to secure the top spot.

As the final race unfolded, tensions soared in the lightweight category. Harry Asher and Daniel Varlan engaged in a breathtaking battle throughout the race, with Varlan securing the fastest lap by a mere 7 thousandths of a second. Ultimately, it was Asher who emerged triumphant, with Varlan settling for a hard-fought second place and Luca Brooks rounding off the podium.

In the heavyweight class, Giles Coke emerged victorious, breaking the dominance of Justin Elliott, who settled for second place this time. Dylan Jenkins showcased his skills, securing the third spot on the podium, adding another layer of excitement to an already thrilling day of racing at Daytona Milton Keynes.


DMAX Lightweights

Round 5 saw a bunch of close battles and some great drives as the drivers showcased the very best of their talent.

In a thrilling start to the racing action, James Bettison clinched victory in the first heat, narrowly edging out Ethan Pritchard after an intense battle. Despite some early drama, James King showcased his skill and determination, storming through the field to secure a hard-earned third place finish.

Heat two saw Phillip Baboolal emerge triumphant, showcasing his prowess on the track. However, it was Ethan Pritchard who stole the show, staging a remarkable drive from the back of the grid to challenge for the lead once again. James King continued to impress, displaying great consistency as he secured yet another third-place finish.

As the final race commenced, anticipation filled the air. Ethan Pritchard and James King engaged in a gripping battle that lasted throughout the race, with Pritchard ultimately emerging victorious by a razor-thin margin of just one tenth of a second. Despite King's valiant efforts, he had to settle for second place, while James Bettison secured another podium finish, adding to his impressive tally for the season.

DMAX Heavyweights

The first heat witnessed a nail-biting finish, with the top three drivers separated by a mere seven tenths of a second. Championship leader Justin Elliott asserted his dominance, clinching victory over Harry Thrower and Daytona's driver of the month, Sebastian Musicka.

The intensity carried over into the second heat, where Aiden Miller emerged victorious after a fierce battle with James Brown, who trailed closely by a mere four tenths of a second. Lee Witney rounded off the top three, finishing a further 12 seconds behind.

Championship rivals Lee Witney and Justin Elliott engaged in a captivating duel for supremacy in a race-long battle. Witney emerged triumphant, narrowly edging out Elliott by just four tenths of a second. Oliver Smith showcased his skill, finishing a mere 2.8 seconds behind the leading duo, adding to the excitement of a fiercely contested race day at Daytona.


Junior Sprint League 

It was a very cold and foggy start to the day at Daytona Milton Keynes for round 5 of the Junior sprint league as the drivers would have to deal with the limited visibility mixed in with the difficult cliff drop layout.

This would lead to an ever-changing qualifying as the drivers struggled to warm up their tyres, but it would be Jos Bardell who found the grip and took his first pole position of the season by a massive 4 tenths of a second, Jacob Csepreghi would line up alongside on the front row 4 tenths back with championship leader Blake Southan a further 4 tenths back.

It would be an excellent start for Jacob Csepreghi and Blake Southan as they would both manage to get past Jos Bardell who didn’t get the start he hoped for as a mistake left him plummeting to 5th.

It would be an epic battle for most of the race between Jacob who was putting up a valiant defence from the fast-charging Blake.

Further back there was a great battle for the last step on the podium between Charlie Csepreghi and Jos Bardell who was looking to makeup for that early mistake.

Blake Southan would prevail in the battle over Jacob Csepreghi to take yet another win to keep his 100% winning record. Jos Bardell would just manage to get 3rd to take his first podium of the season over Charlie Csepreghi in 4th and Cooper West who rounded out the top 5.




Heat 1: In a nail-biting showdown, Zayn Perry showcased his prowess, clinching the victory over Tom Justice by a mere five tenths of a second. Arthur Caluch demonstrated formidable skill, securing the third spot on the podium.

Heat 2: Brandon Edwards asserted his dominance, seizing the win in an impressive display of speed and precision. Blake Southan and Charley Murray put up a fierce fight, claiming second and third place respectively.

Heat 3: Tom Justice delivered a defensive masterclass, fending off relentless attacks from Zayn Perry to retain his lead. Callum White trailed closely, finishing just six tenths behind the front-runners in an intense battle.

Heat 4: Blake Southan showcased exceptional driving, carving his way through the field to clinch victory with a commanding lead of 1.2 seconds. Brandon Edwards secured the second position, followed closely by Charley Murray in third.

B Final: Tyler Rickard initially crossed the finish line first, but a collision with a cadet during the race resulted in a penalty, promoting Tudor Geanta to the top spot after a closely contested battle. Harry Ward secured third place, rounding off the podium.

A Final: The A Final saw the top contenders vying for victory. In a display of sheer skill and speed, Blake Southan emerged triumphant, maintaining his flawless winning streak. Brandon Edwards showcased impressive performance, securing the second position, while Zayn Perry rounded off the podium, setting the fastest lap of the race.


Heat 1: Alexander Karadzhov set the pace, crossing the finish line first with finesse, followed closely by Dexter Hazeldine and Ryan Cafferkey in second and third places respectively.

Heat 2: Gillen Townshend showcased remarkable skill, dominating the race and securing a commanding victory with a five-second lead over Jacob Kent. Leo Sibthorpe demonstrated consistency, clinching the third spot on the podium.

Heat 3: Alexander Karadzhov continued his winning streak, claiming yet another victory, with Dexter Hazeldine and Ryan Cafferkey once again trailing closely in second and third positions.

Heat 4: Jacob Kent exhibited sheer determination, outmanoeuvring his competitors to seize victory over Gillen Townshend, with Leo Sibthorpe securing the third position once more.

B Final: Ryan Cafferkey put on a dominating performance, crossing the finish line with a commanding lead of six seconds over Leo Sibthorpe, while Charlie Marden secured the third spot in a closely contested battle.

A Final: The A Final witnessed a gripping battle for the win. In the initial stages, Jacob Kent and Gillen Townshend fought fiercely for the lead, but contact between them reshuffled the pack, leaving Gillen down in third place. Dexter Hazeldine seized the opportunity, engaging in a thrilling duel with Jacob Kent for the win. Jacob Kent emerged victorious, securing his fifth win of the season amidst intense competition.




With the championship still very much alive heading into the penultimate round of the season, Inkart returned to Daytona Tamworth for an exciting morning of racing.

The first heat of the day was the Cooper Campbell-Lees show, who won by just under ten seconds to Harvey Preen in the junior category. Harvey was not a million miles off of Cooper’s pace, but impressive consistency in difficult conditions allowed Cooper to take the win. Their third place runner was Oliwier Hajdiuk, who also did well to stay consistent in the very trying conditions. As for the cadets, Ethan Guest took a fantastic victory despite Zachary Smith battling with him for the entirety of the race. Even though the championship leader Zach crossed the line in second, he received a one place penalty for an ‘advantage by contact’ at turn 3, demoting him into third. Jack Charles-Bailey got promoted into second, a really good result for him.

Into the second race of the day, Theo Laverty followed Cooper’s trend and took a fantastic victory by about nine seconds. His pace was impressive throughout the heat, his best lap being over a second faster than the rest of the field. That’s not to say that the other drivers drove particularly poorly, with Olivier Guintoli doing very well to secure the runner-up position. Similarly, Rhys Kings had a good stint throughout the race to secure a top three spot. The cadets had a slightly more interesting race, though Harry Fitch still took a dominant victory. The battling was to be found behind, where Joseph Smith and Ted Hitchman were together for a good chunk of the race. In the end, Ted could not quite get ahead - allowing Joseph to secure second place, Ted in third.

Next up was the second race for group one, where Cooper was able to keep the round sweep possibility alive, winning by nine second and taking a healthy maximum of twenty points from the first two races of the day. Harvey Preen was in second place, with both drivers securing themselves an appearance in the A-Final. Kodi Francis-Brown was going to miss out, but his third place put him in a fantastic qualifying position for the B-Final, which he would take part in later in the day. Zachary Smith, in the cadet class, was going to need a top two in order to get himself into the A-Final, and it was possible that his fastest lap would play a part too. Unfortunately, it was a really difficult race for Zachary, who ended up spinning himself out of contention and eventually having to settle for being runner-up to Ethan Guest. The positive point from it though was that, alongside Jack Charles-Bailey in third, all of the top three from heat three had done enough to get themselves into the A-final.

Finally, both finals’ qualifying positions would be decided as the final heat of the day took to the track. In the cadets, Theo Laverty set up something of a showdown by also taking a maximum twenty points from his first two races - this time only by a second and a half to a formidable Olivier Guintoli. Best drivers secured their spots in the A-Final, though Rhys Kings would miss out by finishing in third. With that being said, Rhys put himself into a very good spot for the B-Final, where he would look to make it two consecutive B-Final victories. In terms of the cadet race, Henry Gordon and Harry Fitch found themselves battling for much of the ten minute heat. Henry was always behind Harry, but showed impressive pace to stay right on the back of the championship hopeful. However, Henry’s attacks were not enough to break Harry’s staunch defence, with Harry Fitch securing a really fine victory. Joseph Smith had a similarly entertaining battle with Ted Hitchman, the two of them also staying right on each other for the entire race. Switching positions multiple times throughout the race, Joseph was eventually the victor - sealing third spot in the cadets.

After a short break, the B-Final took place. Starting with the cadets, there was a really entertaining battle between Henry Gordon and Daytona race-school graduate Harry Kennedy. Harry looked like he was going to be able to make the move in the late stages, but he got desperately unlucky with backmarker traffic - giving Henry Gordon the gap that he needed to take an impressive victory, keeping his cool despite having to defend for the entire race. Ted Hitchman had a more quiet time, winning a solid podium with a cool drive into third. The Juniors were just as competitive, though the racing was not really for the lead. Rhys Kings created a fantastic buffer of fourteen seconds to the next kart, a dominant drive to a second successive B-Final victory. However, Layla Guintoli had to work hard for her second position, being caught up in a scrap with Oliwier Hadjiuk for the majority of the race. Eventually, Oliwier’s attacks proved to be narrowly insufficient, with Layla being able to finish runner-up.

It isn’t an exaggeration to say that the A-Final, which followed straight after, was the greatest race of the season so far. Both top threes remained within a second of each other for the entirety of the race. Harvey Preen, Olivier Guintoli, and Theo Laverty were the protagonists in the juniors, with Zachary Smith, Harry Fitch, and Ethan Guest doing battle in the cadets. In the juniors, Theo Laverty kept his cool to stay ahead of Harvy Preen (who finished second) - though the two of them switched positions numerous times throughout the thirteen laps that made up the race. Olivier Guintoli ended up finishing in third, but he was able to secure the fastest lap medal - and thus an extra championship point. For the cadets, Zachary Smith recovered from a difficult first two heats to take a very well-earned victory ahead of Harry Fitch. Harry was all over Zachary for most of the race, but found himself battling Ethan Guest towards the end. Ethan went for a lunge into the final corner of the race in an effort to get into second spot, but Harry held his nerve in a drag race to the line - staying in second by just two hundredths of a second.

At the start of the season, we expected the championship to be closed and the penultimate race of the season proved to make that exactly the case. Heading into the final round in a couple of weeks time, it is absolutely all to play for

Sandown Park


Cadet Heat 1

Our first heat of the day was Cadet heat 1 and it got undeway with Felix Heywood lining up on pole position, joining him on the front row was Adam Telford and Daniel Marutyak lining up in 3rd. Once we had lights out it was Adam making the moves as he took the lead on lap 3 by being later on the brakes and diving down the inside of Felix to take the lead. The positions then settled down for a few laps until on lap 7 Daniel made his move for 2nd on Felix again by being later on the brakes and securing the position. It finished Adam in p1, Daniel in p2 and Felix in p3.

Cadet heat 2

Heat 2 saw Sarah Telford lining up on pole, joined by Harvey Ball on the front row, Sebastian Mejer in 3rd and Marcus Cooper in 4th. Once we got underway we had a lap one change in position as Marcus Cooper secured 3rd from Sebastian Mejer. The overtakes didn’t stop there as the lap after Harvey Ball and Marcus got into a great battle, after some great defensive driving from Harvey he just lost the position from Marcus. Marcus seemed to be on a roll as a lap after again took the lead from Sarah with a brave move. On lap 6 it was Harvey that decided he wasn’t finished with his overtakes and took 2nd from Sarah after again a great battle from both the young drivers.

Cadet heat 3

The drivers lined up for heat 3 with Adam Telford on pole, Daniel Marutyak in 2nd and Felix Heywood in 3rd. In this heat the drivers all got away well and settled for positions, despite the drivers trying to close up together it ultimately finished with all the drivers finishing where they started.

Cadet heat 4

Harvey Ball lined up on pole position for heat 4, Marcus Cooper in 2nd, Sebastian Mejer in 3rd and Sarah Telfrord in 4th. Once we got going Harvey never looked back driving off into the distance and never looking back to secure his victory. The same can be said for Marcus in p2 but it was behind the top two where the overtakes were taking place. On laps 2 and 3 the battle for 3rd heated up and it was ultimately Sarah that got the move done to claim the final step on the podium.


For our final here at Daytona Sandown Park, Adam Telford lined up on pole position, Harvey Ball joined him on the front row, Marcus Cooper in 3rd, Felix Heywood 4th, Daniel Marutyak in 5th, Sarah Telford in 6th and Sebastian Mejer in 7th. Once we went green our pole sitter Adam put a marker down and drove off into the distance leading every lap and taking victory. Harvey Ball had the same strategy not letting anyone behind pass and driving his way to the 2nd step of the podium. Marcus Cooper who stated in 3rd unfortunately had a incident that dropped him down from 3rd to 7th on the opening lap. Felix Heywood took advantage of this and moved himself up into the podium spots. He kept this until lap 8 where he got into a great battle with Daniel Marutyak lasting a lap but it was Daniel that got the move done and finished in our final podium spot. Sarah Telford had a lonely race in 5th but drove very well to make sure she kept the position, putting in good lap times lap after lap. P6 went to Sebastian and p7 to Marcus Cooper.


Junior heat 1

Junior heat 1 got underway with Ellis McKenzie lining up on pole, Jamie Warner in 2nd and Max Miller in 3rd. Once we had lights out Ellis pulled a Max Verstappen and sailed off into the distance leading every lap and taking the win. The same can be said for Jamie in 2nd and Max in 3rd as the top 3 secured there finishing positions after 9 laps. Further down Bertie Hodgson made some lovely moves and showed how fast he is by starting 7th and finishing 4th. Ethan Critchley also had a good race starting from 8th and moving himself up to 6th.

Heat 2

Kaiden Mercer lined up on pole for heat 2 with Jack Bromham joining him on the front row. Robert Wijnand was in 3rd finishing our top 3 for the start of the heat. Once the lights went green Jack made sure he made the first lap count taking the lead very early on and not looking back to claim victory in the heat. Harrison Rudge had the same idea moving himself up from 4th to 2nd but then losing out to Leo Edger the next lap to put him in 3rd and Leo in 2nd. Further down David Szucs-Farkas showed his pace starting 7th and finishing 4th.

Heat 3

Heat 3 Bertie Hodgson again showed his pace by starting on pole and leading every lap having a great race with Jamie Warner in 2nd but doing enough to keep him behind finishing just 1 tenth ahead as they crossed the line. 3rd place went to Ellis Mckenzie who had 3rd secured for most of the heat despite moving up to 2nd for a lap on lap 5. Further down the field things settled down quite quickly with drivers staying in position for the remainder of the heat.

Heat 4

Our final heat before the finals had Jack Bromham on pole, joining him on the front row was Nicolai Eidsgaard in 2nd and Leo Edger in 3rd. Jack led from the front again leading every lap and not looking back, a great mature drive from the young driver. Nicolai got into some great battles at the front of the field with Leo Edger both drivers swapping positions lap after lap but ultimately it was Leo that got the move done on lap 7 to bring him home in 2nd and Nicolai in 3rd.

Junior B final.

The Junior B final got underway as the sun came out across the track. Ethan Critchley was on pole, Jack Edger in 2nd, Max Miller in 3rd, William Bradbery in 4th, Callum Ince in 5th, Harry Pickles in 6th, Robert Wijnand in 7th and Kaiden Mercer in 8th.

Once we had lights out Ethan and William got into a mighty battle that lasted all race long. Ethan showed some beautiful defensive driving lap after lap until the penultimate lap of the race William made his move and took the lead. He then kept his cool and secured the victory the lap after. Max in 3rd had a more lonely race keeping 3rd the whole time and bringing home a great podium place. Callum Ince finished in 4th after taking 4th on the opening lap. Harry Pickles got into some great battles from 6th, dropping down to 7th but eventually bringing himself up to finish p5.

Junior A final

In our A final it was Jack Bromham on pole, Jamie Warner in 2nd and Bertie Hodgson in 3rd. Further down Leo Edger qualified in 4th, Nicolai Eidsgaard in 5th, Ellis McKenzie in 6th, Harrison Rudge in 7th and David Szucs-Farkas in 8th.

Lights out saw the top 2 start to drive into the distance just like they did in the heat that they shared together, both having a great battle but coming home to finish in their starting spots on the grid. Bertie in 3rd managed to keep his position until lap 9 where he lost out to Nicolai after again a good battle between the pair of young drivers showing their maturity on the track. Nicolai came home in 3rd and Bertie in 5th after narrowly losing out to Ellis McKenzie in 4th. 6th place went to Leo Edger after he battled with different drivers throughout the race making for some great entertainment. Harrison Rudge in 7th kept position from lights out to the flag as did David in 8th and Ollie Peters in 9th.


Junior Sprint League

Junior Sprint League round 5 got underway here at Sandown Park in some slippery conditions as the 3 drivers headed out onto the track.

Harry Bedford lined up on pole position with Oliver Bush joining him on the front row as Solomon Adeniji secured 3rd. As we got underway Harry left the field behind in the early stages and left Oliver and Solomon to battle it out behind him. There was some great driving from both these drivers as they swapped positions on lap 3 and then again on lap 5 and once more on lap 7. Solomon then unfortunately had a spin that let Oliver get a good gap between them. Oliver then started closing down on Harry in the lead but ultimately ran out of laps. Our Junior Sprint league round 5 finished with Harry in p1, Oliver in p2 and Solomon in p3.


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