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Daytona Championships

Daytona Championships


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Milton Keynes


Round 6 of the InKart Championship proved to be a trial by water as the skies opened up, transforming the track into a treacherous battleground where only the most skilled could thrive.


In Heat 1, it was Tom Justice who emerged as the dominant force, navigating the slick track with precision to claim a commanding victory, leaving his competitors trailing in his wake. Arthur Caluch showcased his talent in the wet conditions, securing a solid second place finish ahead of Tudor Geanta, who rounded off the podium.

Championship leader Blake Southan showcased his prowess in Heat 2, mastering the challenging conditions to secure yet another dominant victory, further solidifying his position at the top of the standings. Lewis Bowey and Callum White battled fiercely for the remaining podium spots, with Bowey ultimately prevailing in second ahead of White in third.

Tom Justice continued his impressive form in Heat 3, though this time his victory was hard-fought, with Tudor Geanta pushing him to the limit. Arthur Caluch once again displayed his consistency, securing another podium finish in third place.

Zayn Perry stole the show in the final heat of the day, demonstrating impressive speed and consistency to claim victory, while Blake Southan staged a remarkable comeback from the back of the grid to secure a commendable second place finish. Lewis Bowey rounded out the top three, adding another podium finish to his tally.

In the relentless downpour, the B Final became a struggle for control on the slippery track. Despite the challenging conditions, Charley Murray maintained his grip to secure a hard-earned victory. Liam Weatherall claimed second place, just ahead of the promising newcomer Caelen Keith. Abbie Boyd showed impressive pace to finish fourth, with Michael Oxtoby-Page and Jaden Dodoo-Ankrah battling for fifth and sixth positions. Tyler Rickard faced unfortunate luck, retiring from the heats but rounding out the grid in seventh place.

As the rain continued to pour in the A Final, Tom Justice once again proved his mettle, mastering the challenging conditions to claim his first victory in the championship. Blake Southan demonstrated incredible consistency with a second-place finish, while Zayn Perry capitalized on an earlier incident to snatch third place from Arthur Caluch. Callum White, Tudor Geanta, and Lewis Bowey completed the top seven, each driver showing admirable resilience in the face of adversity.


In Heat 1, Gillen Townshend showcased exceptional kart control, expertly manoeuvring through the challenging conditions to secure a well-deserved victory. Ryan Cafferkey demonstrated his prowess by clinching second place, while Amelia-Alice Barreau rounded off the podium in third, showcasing her resilience in the face of adversity.

Heat 2 posed a formidable challenge for the drivers, with the slippery track leading to numerous spins. Dexter Hazeldine emerged as the victor, displaying remarkable consistency and focus throughout the race. Jacob Kent battled his way to second place, while Seth Sydney demonstrated his skill in the wet conditions to claim the final podium spot.

Despite the mounting pressure, Gillen Townshend continued to dominate in Heat 3, further solidifying his position as a force to be reckoned with in the championship. Charlie Marden impressed with a strong second-place finish, followed closely by Ryan Cafferkey in third.

However, Heat 4 brought heartbreak for Jacob Kent, as an early incident left him stranded on track, thwarting his chances of victory. Dexter Hazeldine capitalized on the opportunity to secure another win, with Seth Sydney and Jack Bailey seizing podium finishes as a result of Kent's misfortune.

Jacob Kent would take the win on track in the B Final, but a penalty would demote him to second place behind Jack Bailey who inherited the win after showing great consistency. Kent would manage to snag the fastest lap of the day even over the A Finalists, Begging the question of what could have been for the young driver who took a significant blow to his championship lead. Leo Sibthorpe would take yet another B Final podium in 3rd with Amelia-alice Barreau finishing in 4th.

As the rain intensified for the A Final, the fight for victory became even more intense, with drivers battling for grip on the waterlogged track. In a display of skill and determination, Seth Sydney kept his cool amidst the chaos, navigating the challenging conditions to claim an incredible victory. Gillen Townshend and Dexter Hazeldine showcased remarkable mental strength, overcoming early setbacks to secure second and third places respectively. Charlie Marden impressed with his pace, finishing fourth, while Ryan Cafferkey rounded out the top five.

Junior Sprint League 

The heavens opened for round 6 of the Junior Sprint League, this caused the track to morph into a slick, treacherous expanse, setting the stage for a nail-biting showdown in the rain.

Arthur Caluch seized pole position, navigating the waterlogged track with finesse. However, it was the Csepreghi brothers who emerged as his closest challengers, with Jacob narrowly edging out his brother Charlie for second place on the grid.

Off the start the drivers were battling the deluge and each other in a frantic scramble for position. Yet amidst the chaos, disaster struck for the usually dominant Blake Southan, his kart grinding to a halt on the track. Despite his valiant efforts to limp back to the pits, Southan found himself relegated to the back of the pack.

At the sharp end of the field, a titanic struggle for the lead unfolded between the Csepreghi brothers, their karts danced on the edge of grip as they jostled for the win. Jacob Csepreghi emerged victorious, crossing the line just five tenths ahead of his brother, Charlie, who clinched the fastest lap of the race.

Behind the battling siblings, Max Lindgren showcased remarkable consistency in the treacherous conditions, securing a well-deserved third place finish. Meanwhile, polesitter Arthur Caluch found himself slipping down the order to fourth, his early advantage washed away by the rain.

Further down the field, newcomer Tom Justice impressed with a solid sixth-place finish. And as the checkered flag fell, Blake Southan brought up the rear, his hopes of a perfect season dashed by a cruel twist of fate in the unforgiving wet.

Thursday Night Leauge


Round 5 of Sodi Thursday night league got underway with 14 drivers taking to the track. Championship leader Charlie Sheldrake was on the grid as well as close contenders Ash Chivers and Richard Danby but with the wet conditions become very challenging for most of the drivers. With qualifying underway it was Charlie Sheldrake who was fastest but only just beating Ash Chivers by 3 hundredths of a second with Michael Bowles in Third. Wiliam Fry was forth, and Richard Danby only managed fifth.

So, the race got underway with a very blatant jump start from Ash Chivers which automatically got him a 3-place penalty. Charlie Sheldrake got off to a great start, Ash Chivers for a lap held the lead up until Charlie got through, Michael Bowles and Richard Danby were battling away but, on the way, down to turn 6 Michael clipped the rear of Richard leaving him sat resting on the kerb. This got him a black flag for this. Richard Danby made up quite a few places to get back to third. Tyler Thom had a successful race with a few spins and brought it home in forth Ash Chivers dropped down to fifth after his penalty was served with Noah Willis in sixth, Matthew Holloway finished in seventh Michael Bowles made it back up into eighth, Ben Critchley finished in ninth and Tom Ludovico received the final points position of the race. The fastest lap point went to the race winner Charlie Sheldrake.


Tonight at Daytona Milton Keynes, 16 drivers descended for our Thursday Night League, on the Cliff Drop Variant of the track. Some rain earlier in the day transformed the track into a slippy nightmare, excitement and tension filled the air at the evening race. The drivers braced themselves for a challenge unlike any other, knowing that every turn held the potential for both triumph and disaster.

Despite the adverse conditions, Lee Schnitzler, Ashley Mayston-King, and James King showcased their skill and determination, claiming the top three spots respectively in qualifying with a display of exceptional driving prowess.

However, the unpredictable nature of wet weather racing soon made its presence felt, in the race a flurry of spins on the first corner shook up the back half of the grid, creating chaos and uncertainty for the drivers involved.

In a dramatic turn of events, Ashley Mayston-King, who had initially stormed into the lead in the first lap, suffered a setback at turn 2 on the second lap, relinquishing the position and dropping down to fourth place. This allowed Lee Schnitzler to seize the opportunity and surge to the front, closely followed by Barry Morris in second and James King in third.

Despite his setback, Ashley Mayston-King refused to be deterred, relentlessly pushing the limits of his kart and lapping faster than James towards the end of the race. However, James King held firm under the pressure, skillfully defending his position and denying Ashley the chance to get on the podium.

In a nail-biting finish, Lee Schnitzler crossed the finish line in first place, his mastery of the wet conditions evident as he maintained a commanding lead throughout the race. Barry Morris secured a hard-fought second place, just over 8 seconds behind the leader, while James King held onto third place by a slim margin of just over a second, fending off the relentless challenge from Ashley Mayston-King.


Sandown Park


DMAX Sprint Race

Max Sheldon Heywood claimed pole position for the shootout race of round 6 of our Superchamps here at Daytona Sandown Park. He lined up against season veteran Tom Brown on the front row with Yaseen Khan in 3rd. Once we got underway Max Sheldon Heywood decided he wasn’t getting involved in any battles behind him and started to leave the field behind as Tom Brown, Yaseen and 4th place Charlie Foster got into a battle behind him. The battle for 2nd was very impressive to watch as they went bumper to bumper through every corner of the track lap after lap. Charlie unfortunately found himself being spun round by Luka Nic in 5th and Ollie Armiger took full advantage moving himself up to 3rd. The rest of the race stayed very settled and by the time they crossed the line it was Max taking his victory 5.4 seconds ahead of the rest of the field. Tom Brown came home in 2nd and our final podium spot was claimed by Ollie Armiger.

Feature Race

Our feature race saw the top 3 of Max Sheldon Heywood, Tom Brown and Charlie Foster, Ollie Armiger in 4th after a 1 place penalty in the shootout race, Steve Hannon lined up in 5th with our first heavy driver Henry Lopes Gracey in 6th.

Once we got underway Max again decided he was going to check out and leave the field behind, not getting involved in any battles and pulling a gap on the rest of the field, he did this for the whole race and took victory 14 seconds ahead of the rest of the field!. Tom Brown showed some incredible defensive driving for the majority of the race keeping everyone behind him in p2 untill lap 15. Tom and Ollie got caught up in a battle that saw Tom drop down to 6th after a audacious move on the brakes. Charlie Foster took advantage of Toms and Ollies battle moving himself up to 2nd but ollie took the position back on the penultimate lap and that’s how the top 3 finished. Max in p1, Ollie in p2 and Charlie in p3.

In our heavy class it was William Tidnam that impressed again as he seems to do week after week. William finished 1st in the heavies but 5th on track. A very impressive feat. Henry Lopes Gracey also showing his skill finishing 2nd in the heavies and 5th on track, once again showing his skill in the DMAX kart. Justin Hammond rounded off the final podium position in our heavy class.

SODI Sprint Race

As the drivers lined up for the sprint race it was Jules Larkin claiming pole position, Jack Redfern in 2nd and Morgan Humphreys in 3rd . Once the lights went green Jules fell to 3rd on the opening lap as himself and Morgan got into a battle n turn 1. Matthew Turner who started down in 6th took complete advantage of this and made up 5 positions around the outside to end up in p1 by lap 2, a very impressive start from the young driver. Jack Redfern stayed in 2nd watching the battles unfold in front of him, biding his time before making a move for the lead on lap 7. He then kept the lead for the rest of the race not letting Matthew get the position back despite some attempted moves. The race finished with Jack taking the win, Matthew in 2nd and Jules in 3rd.

SODI Feature Race

In our feature race, Alfie Shrubb lined up on pole position for the race with Matthew Turner lining up in 2nd and Jack Redfern in 3rd. Once we got underway Alfie kept the lead and started to move away from the rest of the field. In 2nd Matthew Turner was under pressure from Jack Redfern early on as jack made the move into 2nd place on lap 4. Jules Larkin took advantage of the battle moving himself up into 3rd as Matthew fell to 5th. Jack wasn’t finished yet and made a great move for the lead on Alfie on lap 12 as Aflie fell to 5th. Aflie noticeably frustrated with himself but managed to regain composure and started to challenge again towards the end of the race, unfortunately for him just running out of time.

In our Heavy class it was once again Reece Harris who showed his driving skill and determination. He finished 6th on track surrounded by lightweights. The fact he started 9th and made up 3 positions is a testament to the skill shown in these damp conditions.

Thursday Night Leauge


The Thursday Night League at Daytona Sandown Park witnessed a thrilling showdown on the track, with Dan Giles securing pole position, followed closely by Alfie Shrubb in second and Steve Hannon in third. As the lights went out, the top three drivers engaged in a fierce battle, exchanging positions with each passing lap.

By lap 3, the dynamics had shifted, with Alfie Shrubb climbing to third, Steve Hannon seizing the lead, and Dan Giles slipping to second. The trio began to distance themselves from the rest of the field, setting the stage for an intense battle for the podium.

On lap 10, Alfie made a decisive move, overtaking Dan for second place and maintaining his position until the checkered flag waved. Meanwhile, Steve Hannon held onto his lead, crossing the finish line to claim victory.

Further down the field, Charlie Foster faced adversity, slipping down to 11th place early in the race. However, he showcased remarkable resilience, mounting a fantastic recovery drive to climb back to 5th position.

Jules Larkin, starting from 7th on the grid, showcased impressive skill and determination, steadily advancing through the ranks to secure a commendable 4th place finish.

The Thursday Night League at Daytona Sandown Park delivered an evening of exhilarating racing action, with intense battles and standout performances shaping the outcome of the race


The Thursday Night League at Daytona Sandown Park witnessed an electrifying race with Max Sheldon Heywood starting from pole, closely followed by Charlie Foster and Archie Bullard. Archie quickly surged into second place with a bold late-braking move, while Charlie slipped to fourth after a challenging maneuver in the tricky conditions, allowing William Tidnam to claim third.

Throughout the race, the top three drivers engaged in a thrilling battle, navigating the circuit bumper to bumper with remarkable skill and professionalism. As the race progressed, Alfie seized the lead on the eighth lap and held onto it until the checkered flag, showcasing remarkable driving prowess in a heated duel with Max Sheldon Heywood.

Meanwhile, the fight for third position intensified among William Tidnam, Charlie Foster, and Ian Del Pizzo. In a nail-biting finish, William demonstrated his strategic prowess by overtaking two drivers in a single move on the penultimate lap, securing the final spot on the podium in a spectacular display of racing talent.


For all Daytona Championship photos and more, please click here.

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