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Our Surrey outdoor go-kart track based in the middle of Sandown Park racecourse in Esher, Surrey, had an unexpected visit from the McLaren Formula 1 team drivers, Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz, earlier this year who were being closely followed by the Netflix camera crew. The film crew were closely following the drivers and filming the next season of Drive to Survive which premiered on 28th February 2020.


Netflix film Season 2 of Drive to Survive at Daytona Sandown Park in Esher, Surrey

Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris warm up before their Go-kart 'Sprint Race' at Daytona Sandown Park in Esher, Surrey.

McLaren drivers Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz took part in an epic 20-minute Sprint Race along with other members of their Formula 1 team. After starting from the back of the field they managed to get in to first and second place respectively by the second lap.

One staff member from Daytona Motorsport commented:

“It was unbelievable to watch how talented the drivers were. We get a lot of great drivers down here at our outdoor circuit but to watch professional Formula 1 drivers race around the track was something special. Especially as it was all filmed by Netflix for the next season of Drive to Survive which has been a global hit television series.”

Even though the duel between the two drivers didn’t make the final cut of the new season, we managed to capture the whole race using our rear and front facing cameras which we attached to the front of their go-karts.

You can catch the new season of Drive to Survive on Netflix now, or to see the epic go-kart race between the two drivers (which in our opinion is even more exciting) you can watch it below.


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