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Daytona Milton Keynes: Newly Crowned SuperChamps Champions

Daytona Milton Keynes: Newly Crowned SuperChamps Champions

SuperChamps Season 3 2024 Winners Crowned

The 9th of December was the date in all of our drivers’ minds as they entered Daytona Milton Keynes for the last hoorah, the final race, and the championship showdown at just pace 1600 hours. As the sun set, the lights began to illuminate our iconic ‘International’ circuit, containing 11 corners that offer the most exhilarating go-karting experience in the country. All of the championship leaders were in attendance, Jamie Tiley-Gooden was hoping to secure the DMAX Lightweight title, with close rival Jack Stewart hot at his heels. Carl Stephens was hoping to cap off a great season in the DMAX Heavyweights, Harry Asher needed one more round win to cement his legacy in the SODI SR5 Lightweights, and Scott Woosey and Tom Illingworth were prepared to battle it out for the SODI SR5 Heavyweight category.

The final round was our ‘heats’-based format, this format comprises of a 10-minute practice, followed by two, 10-minute heats, and then a fifteen-minute final race. The grids for the heats are random, and we ensure drivers do not drive the same go-kart twice. With the briefing over, and the circuit ready, we were ready to roll on with the season finale.

The heats phase of the day ensured a number of different winners, in the form of James King, Jack Stewart, Josh Davis, Aseem Badshah, Harry Asher, Scott Woosey, and Charlie Fenton, this array of different winners always means that the grids for the final races are interesting, and interesting they were, notable good performances were Aseem Badshah, who won a heat in only his second round of SuperChamps, and also James King won the first DMAX Lightweight heat, meaning he was on for another good performance and is really hitting his stride towards the end of the season.

In the finals, the DMAX Lightweight drivers of Dom Balasaitis, Phillip Baboolal, Jack Stewart, and Jamie Tiley-Gooden all engaged in a four-way fight for the lead and also the championship. The finishing orders were so important in who would come out on top in the end, however Dom Balasaitis put in a exceptional performance in the final race, after a compromised heats phase, he went from fourth to first in the final five laps to take a brilliant victory over his rivals, the DMAX Heavyweight category was dominated by one man, Josh Davis, a seasoned Daytona Endurance winner, and former SuperChamps Champion, he scored the full 61 points on the night. In the SODI Lightweight category, Adam Green once again proved he is the among the best SODI drivers we boast after taking a fantastic victory. Charlie Fenton went on to win the SODI Heavyweight final but was pipped to the fastest lap by Scott Woosey.

Overall, the championships were decided:

DMAX Lightweights:

  1. Jamie Tiley-Gooden – 387 points.
  2. Jack Stewart – 385 points.
  3. Dom Balasaitis – 375 points.

Jamie and Jack drove to an exceptional standard all year, both had their periods of bad luck, but Jamie Tiley-Gooden is the deserving winner of the DMAX Lightweight category, he set the standard early in the season, and drove beautifully throughout! Congratulations, Jamie! Jack Stewart was very consistent in the whole season, but was just pipped to the title by Jamie, he can conclude his 2023 season proud of all his effort! Dom Balasaitis started the season very well, but some difficult rounds, often not at the fault of himself, meant he could not challenge for the title, but all who have met Dom know just how talented he is, and he’ll be back, we’re all sure of that.

DMAX Heavyweights:

  1. Carl Stephens – 382 points.
  2. Barry Morris – 363 points.
  3. Sebastian Musicka – 357 points.

The DMAX Heavyweight drivers were all very competitive this season, Carl Stephens did his damage in the early rounds of the season, allowing for less pressure for the second half. Barry Morris had moments of extreme difficulty but kept plucking away and secured a thoroughly deserved second place and is a huge personality in the paddock. Sebastian Musicka is an ever-growing talent in our ranks, the development this season has been brilliant, and he should be so proud of the third place he won. Special condolences go to Iain Riley, a revered Daytona regular who could not compete in the final two rounds due to injury, we wish you a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you in the new year.

SODI SR5 Lightweights:

  1. Harry Asher – 413 points.
  2. Adam Green – 393 points.
  3. Finley Anderson – 353 points.

The SODI Lightweight drivers have proved a joy to watch, although there were not many, their season was not short of drama by any means. Harry Asher drove beautifully all season and scored the most points of any driver across all weight classes. Adam Green kept Harry very honest and took a great second place, really hitting form in the second half of the season. Finley Anderson was a fresh face in the paddock this season, it’s been great to see his development and we are so proud of the third place he secured on Saturday.

SODI SR5 Heavyweights:

  1. Scott Woosey – 406 points.
  2. Tom Illingworth – 382 points.
  3. Harry Clifford – 372 points.

Scott Woosey and Tom Illingworth proved to be the SODI Heavyweights to beat this season, and are deserved first and second place finishes, Harry Clifford drove a well-measured and composed season, and takes a third place finish this season. Some appearances from Charlie Fenton perhaps put a dent in Harry and Tom’s totals, hopefully Charlie can work out which weight category he wishes to enter.

In closing, it’s been a great season of racing, and we are so proud of and grateful to all of the drivers who took part this season and can’t wait to see everyone back for next season, starting on the 7th of January. It’s always a privilege to host the events for such a talented group of people, we wish you all the best at Christmas and New Years, its goodbye for now. But we are back in less than thirty days for the new season and hope to see many of you there.

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