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Daytona MK InKart Festival Celebrates 2016 Successes

Daytona MK InKart Festival Celebrates 2016 Successes

Daytona MK celebrated its 2016 inKart Championships with a day of fun racing and awards presentations at the 2016 InKart Festival last Sunday. The drivers (and Juniors’ parents enjoyed racing on the National and International Circuit at Daytona Milton Keynes and joined together to congratulate the 2016 Champions.


Daniel Munro secured the Cadet Division 2 title with a round to spare, ahead of Jack Stewart and Toby Purbrick. Munro’s charge to the title included a run from R7-R10 where he dropped just 16 points out of a possible 700 (684 scored).

Cadet Division 2
1st Daniel Munro
2nd Jack Stewart
3rd Toby Purbrick


Max Cole took the Junior Division 2 Championship win at the final round, beating counterpart Jamie Rayson by just 26 points over 9 rounds. Rayson was comfortable in 2nd place, ahead of Angus Tillyer who took 3rd.

Juniors Division 2
1st Max Cole
2nd Jamie Rayson
3rd Angus Tillyer


Reece Lomax stormed to the Championship win in Cadet Division 1 ahead of Kuba Wozniak and Jayden Neal-Holder. Lomax secured the Championship win at Round 10 with a perfect round – the perfect way to wrap up his season.

Cadet Division 1
1st Reece Lomax
2nd Kuba Wozniak
3rd Jayden Neal-Holder


Robert Taylor secured his 2nd Championship in as many weeks, in the Junior Division 1 category. Taylor took the Championship win ahead of William Davison and Katherine White.

Juniors Division 1
1st Robert Taylor
2nd William Davison
3rd Katherine White


Kameron Khan took the Championship win in the Junior RT8 class of the International Championship, seemingly untouchable in his class over the year.





In the Senior RT8 Championship, Ollie Ursell took the title ahead of Tyler Parslow and John Donnelly, taking 3rd place by just 3 points ahead of Michael Saward.

1st Ollie Ursell
2nd Tyler Parslow
3rd John Donnelly


If you would like to know more about the 2017 InKart Championships at any of our venues, please call Mark Wimblett on 03303327870 (option 9)


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