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Daytona Sandown Park InKart Champs R8 Podiums

Daytona Sandown Park InKart Champs R8 Podiums

The August Bank Holiday weekend saw excellent weather at our track in Surrey and Sunday saw some excellent racing in Round 8 of our Daytona Sandown Park InKart Championships. Race Reports and Champs Standings will be on the 2016 Results page shortly but in the meantime, we salute the podium finishers across all classes:


Cadet - 28.8.16 Cadet

1st Jayden Neal-Holder

2nd Amy Brunton

3rd Jessica White



Junior Light - 28.8.16Junior Light

1st Sebastian Chodyko

2nd Jonathan Dalton

3rd Connor Brown



Junior Heavy - 28.8.16Junior Heavy

1st Max O’Shaughnessy

2nd Ben Graham

3rd Nat Thomas



Junior RT8 - 28.8.16Junior RT8

1st Kameron Khan

2nd Max O’Shaugnessy

3rd George Worledge



Senior Light - 28.8.16Senior Light

1st Ian del-Pizzo

2nd Jordan Bowley

3rd Andrew Graham



Senior Heavy - 28.8.16Senior Heavy

1st George Watson

2nd Mark Kearon

3rd Ashley Jones


Round 9 is on the last Sunday of September. Call Mark on 033 033 278 70 option 9 for more information about Daytona’s InKart Championships.


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