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Daytona Sandown Park: InKart Season One Finale

Daytona Sandown Park: InKart Season One Finale


An Epic Conclusion

This season has led to some of the tightest grids that we have had here at Daytona Sandown Park for a very close fought championship in the Junior and the Cadet category. In the Juniors the 3 title contenders were Jamie Warner, Leo Edger and Jack Bromham all separated by less than a handful of points going into the final round. All of them had the chance to take the championship from one another before the day got started.

In the Cadets, it was a similar situation, with many drivers in the running to take the championship heading into the final round. The drivers to look out for were Adam Telford, Daniel Marutyak and Felix Heywood as they had been battling all season in some very tight and impressive racing to try and take the championship from each other.

For round seven the race was contested on the Alternate Layout, a track design that throws the drivers into the first set of corners right away after the start. You can either make up or lose a lot of time here, as if you get off-line at one of the corners, it can put you in real danger of being swallowed up by the rest of the pack. In the first heat for the Juniors, It was championship contender Leo Edger that raced off the line followed closely by Max Miller. These two drivers swapped positions on lap one but by the end of lap two it was Leo back in front. Once he got the lead he raced off into the distance and took the flag after none laps ending up 3.5 seconds ahead of Max in second and Ellis Mckenzie in third.

In the Cadets first heat, it was Sebastian Mejer who got off to a great start leading the fleet for three laps, until a brave move by championship contender Felix Heywood on lap four helped him take the lead and not look back, storming his way to victory with Sebastian in second, Sarah Telford in third and Daniel Marutyak in forth.

Heat Two got underway in the Juniors, which was a very important heat for the championship contenders Jack Bromham and Jamie Warner. Both drivers rose to the occasion and held two of the top three positions for all of the race. Nicolai Eidsgaard made it clear that he didn’t mind getting caught up in a championship battle and overtook Jack for second place on the final lap of the race. It finished Jamie in first, Nicolai in second, Jack in third, Harrison Bishop had a good race in fourth and Ethan Critchley rounding out the top five.

In the Cadets, there was very steady racing from three drivers as all kept position for the whole race. Marcus Cooper won the heat, beating Adam Telford in second and Harvey Ball in third.

Heat Three got underway with Jamie Warner leading the field for the majority of the race until lap seven where he dropped down two places, losing out to Ethan Critchley, who took the lead, and Leo Edger taking second after the three racers got tangled up in a battle that Jamie would have wanted to avoid. Ellis Mckenzie came home in fourth and Nicolai Eidsgaard showed his pace again to round out the top five. William Bradbury had a good race, finishing in sixth, Harry Pickles in seventh and Kaiden Mercer in eighth.

In Heat Three, the Cadets had a very similar race to the previous heat, with all three holding their positions throughout the race and that’s exactly what championship contender Felix Heywood would have wanted as he led from the front, leading every lap until he crossed the line after ten minutes, a solid five seconds clear of  second-placed Marcus Cooper, followed closely by Daniel Marutyak and fourth-placed Harvey Ball.

In the Junior's Heat Four, Harrison Bishop started at the front of the grid, Ollie Peters in second and championship contender Jack Bromham in third. Jack needed a win in this race to keep the championship as close as possible heading into the finals - and that’s exactly what he did! Jack took second on lap two and made a great move for the lead on Ollie Peters on lap three to secure it. He then didn’t look back and took the points all the way to the line. Ollie Peters had a great race, finishing in second and showing his skill behind the wheel after defending off third placed David Szucs-Farkas for most of the race.

In the Cadets, Sarah Telford led for the first half of the race, ahead of Sebastian Mejer and her brother Adam. Lap four is where it got interesting, and Adam Telford did what he needed to do to maintain his championship advantage, taking two places on one lap, ending up with a well-fought victory. Sebastian finished in second with Sarah in third.


The Junior's B-final got underway with some great racing out of the blocks from David Szucs-Farkas, as he rose up the spots from fifth place to fourth then to third, followed by a great double-overtake on the brakes to take the lead. Once he'd secured that - he never looked back and won the final in style. Harrison Rudge came home in second, never falling out of the top 3 for the whole race, and Jack Edger finished in 3rd.

The Cadet final got underway with championship contenders Adam Telford and Daniel Marutyak starting in p3 and p5 respectfully. Once underway, Adam made his way up to p2 and stayed there knowing he was in front of Daniel and that that would be enough to secure the championship. Felix Heywood was running away in first place, setting spectacular lap times, lap-after-lap. Daniel made his way up to third on lap eight but didn’t manage to challenge Adam, finishing eight-seconds down the road, meaning Adam became our Cadet champion, Daniel took second in the standings with Felix Heywood in third.

The Junior A-final witnessed a winner-takes-all-showdown, with Jamie Warner and Jack Bromham both needing to beat each other to secure the championship. As we got underway Jamie took the lead from p2 on lap one, and by lap four Jack was right on his tail after taking p2. The two championship leaders, now leading this race, both pushed eachother to the absolute max. Leo Edger did not let them out of his sight, though, as he sat in p3 biding his time before making his move. Jamie and Jack had a lead swap on lap ten, as Jack made a daring move on Jamie, but by the next lap, Jamie had reclaimed the lead. The two leading drivers certainly put on a showcase for everybody in attendance.

However, an unexpected twist occurred late on in the saga! As the end of the race loomed, Leo Edger made his move for the lead, taking the two championship favourites by surprise and claimed the victory a lap later! In the end, Jamie Warner's p2 finish was enough to claim himself the championship, finishing one place ahead of Jack. What an epic finale!


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