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Daytona Tamworth InKart Round 6 Winners

Daytona Tamworth InKart Round 6 Winners

Daytona Tamworth hosted Round 6 of its InKart Championship on Sunday with some excellent, competitive racing across all classes.

The full championship standings will be uploaded to the Results Page shortly but in the meantime, we congratulate the Podium Finishers:

Inkart R6 Cadets (1)Daytona Tamworth InKart Cadets Rd 6

1st Sam Cole

2nd Fergus Shackleton

3rd Archie Fisher



Inkart R6 JuniorsDaytona Tamworth Inkart Juniors Rd 6

1st Robert Taylor

2nd Max Cole

3rd Oliver Manton



Inkart R6 Junir RT8Daytona Tamworth Inkart RT8’s Rd 6

1st Kurt Fawdry

2nd Aaron Greenfield




Inkart R6 Senior LightsDaytona Tamworth Inkart Senior Light’s Rd 6

1st Michael Tarrant

2nd Charlotte Manton

3rd Alex Stewart



Inkart R6 Senior HeaviesDaytona Tamworth Inkart Senior Heavies Rd 6

1st Lee Schnitzler

2nd Paul Manton

3rd  Ryan Welch



Call Mark Wimblett on 03303327870 if you would like to join us for Round 7 in September.

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