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Daytona TW1021 Chronograph

Daytona TW1021 Chronograph


I spotted Eddie Jordan wearing an interesting watch when he was working for ITV as a pundit on their formula 1 show and was intrigued. My great friend Rick Parfitt Junior then turned up at the office wearing a watch  from the same manufacturer and was very complimentary about the brand which was TW Steel, a Dutch Company, headed up by Jordy Cobelens.  In 2014 T W Steel were sponsoring the Lotus formula 1 team and had all of the prime real estate at the front of every watch retailer in the UK.  This was a brand that was all about quality and was really going places. T W Steel were looking to activate and leverage their Formula 1 sponsorship and were convinced that Daytona would be the perfect partner. They approached us through our creative agency MPA Creative. Anna Gow and Deborah Tee of MPA had close links with Stewart Bain (formerly of A1 GP) who was at the time COO of T W Steel.

I had already purchased a couple of T W Steel watches on my own behalf and was very impressed with everything about the watches, the designs and the quality were outstanding. A meeting was set up with Stewart at our Head Office. My brother and I each wore one of my T W Steel watches for the meeting. These watches were no longer in production so had to have been acquired before the approach from TW Steel. Stewart noticed straight away that we were both wearing TW Steel and was suitably impressed. We were about to run the Henry Surtees event at Mercedes Benz World which was a very high profile event that would impress any potential sponsor so we suggested that TW Steel put a team in to the event. Jordy flew in from Amsterdam for the event and was completely blown away. Stewart told me that he said that we were so professional and the perfect partners for TW Steel. As part of the sponsorship deal TW Steel agreed to supply a limited edition Daytona Watch. We worked with Ton, their designer and the TW Steel TW454 was born.

The relationship has continued through the years with TW Steel staying on board as a corporate sponsor and blossomed with introductions by us to TW Steel of old friends of Daytona Nigel Mansell and Damon Hill who also both now have their own limited edition TW Steel watches.

With the renewal of the 2022 relationship it was decided that it was time for a new Daytona watch. Watches are a bit of a passion for me and so I worked closely with the design team at TW Steel. The outcome is the Daytona TW1021 Chronograph which I hope you will agree is sooo Daytona. The watch is limited to a production run of only 100 watches and I have already bagged 001. If you buy one, I hope you will enjoy it for many years to come and thank you for supporting and investing in the brand. Alternatively you can enter the Daytona 24 Hours in 2022 and make sure that you set the fastest lap in the race – in which case you can have one!

You can also purchase the Daytona TW1021 Chronograph at a Daytona venue or by calling 0330 332 7870.

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