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International Women’s Day: Advice from Abi Sanders

International Women’s Day: Advice from Abi Sanders

Daytona Tamworth regular Abi Sanders has been racing at our venue since she was ten years old. She has come up through the ranks, having raced junior and cadet karts in Daytona’s InKart Championships. Now 17 years old, Abi is currently competing for silverware in Daytona’s DMAX SuperChamps. She’s taken part in over 300 individual races, and has won an astounding 43 of them, with 119 podium finishes.

Due to her ongoing success, Abi has been invited to represent the UK in this years Sodi World Series Finals in Slovakia. Daytona couldn’t be prouder!

We recently caught up with Abi on her aspirations, thoughts and advice she’d give to other young female drivers:

When did your passion for motorsports start?

“My Dad is a Motorsport fan and raced karts at club and Super 1 level when he was younger, and when my older brother turned 8 he got his race license and started racing at club level.  It’s always been a part of my family and I’ve always liked watching Motorsport on tv so there was never any doubt that I’d start racing too.”

Who’s your motorsporting hero?

“I have always admired the MotoGP rider Marc Marquez because of his attitude to racing. He is always pushing to the edge of his limits and always wants to be the best he can be. Even after really bad injuries, he bounces back and never gives up. It has inspired me to always try my best and to always look for improvement.”

Do you have any advice for girls interested in pursuing motorsports?

“Give it a try! You’ll be surprised. Don’t let the fact that it’s a male dominated sport put you off. It’s very competitive but everyone is encouraging and wants you to be the best you can. There is always support in the Motorsport community no matter if you’re female or male. And there will be more girls racing than you expect.”

How can motorsport organisations do more to inspire young female drivers?

“Female drivers need more exposure and publicity to encourage girls to see what it’s like and that it’s something they might like and be good at.

There needs to be wider sharing of female successes in motorsport, which will ultimately inspire others.

Maybe female events where girls can come along and have a go in a less pressured situation would encourage them to participate more.”

What are your ambitions in motorsport?

“I want to improve further as a driver by continuing with karting. I am proud to have been invited to attend this years Sodi World Series Race in Slovakia, representing the UK.

I am also studying for a T Level in Engineering as I would love a career in the Motorsport industry.”

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