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International Women’s Day: Chatting with Callie

International Women’s Day: Chatting with Callie

Callie Clifford first came to Daytona Milton Keynes as a bambino, and was fastest on track at just six years old. She then went on to win multiple Junior races, before graduating to racing N35-STs in a class where she continues to win multiple races.

In fact, Callie has won 20 races at MK – not bad, considering she’s entered 50 of them. With 31 podium finishes at 13 years old, Callie is certainly one to watch for the future.

We caught up with Callie to find out why she loves karting:

Who is your motorsporting hero and why?

“Sebastian Vettel – He proved that he was a talent from a young age and was the youngest f1 winner. He was always humble about his accomplishments, yet a major character in the motorsport world.”

Why did you get into motorsport in the first place?

“I took on motorsport after my brothers, after their first session at Daytona, it opened up the idea of motorsport they instantly gained an interest and wanted to take it seriously. I quickly followed after them.”

What advice would you give you any girls looking to start motorsport as a hobby?

“If you are interested just go for it. Don’t be intimidated by any pre-conceptions. It will be fine when you get out there!”

How can motorsport organisations do more to inspire young female drivers?

“Introduce the idea of motorsport to girls and allow them to find their interests, not many people know about the karting industry and it might help them find their passion.”

What are your ambitions in motorsport?

“F1 is the big goal but to get a seat in Tin Tops would also be phenomenal.”

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