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International Women’s Day: Drifting Around with Sophie Borrey

International Women’s Day: Drifting Around with Sophie Borrey

Sophie Borrey has been coming to Daytona Milton Keynes since 2021, and has taken part in over 50 races in that time.

Sophie enjoys drifting in all its forms, including around Daytona’s bends. We spoke to Sophie about what inspires her:


I don’t have a hero as such at the moment. I really like Formula Drift and how they push the cars and have fun doing it. There are a couple of girls in pro spec like Kelsey Rowlings and Amanda Sorensen.

Why did you get into motorsport in the first place?

It’s down to an interest in Japanese culture, which led me to drift and the Japanese car scene. This then took me to the American low riders and custom cars.

What advice would you give any girls looking to start motorsport as a hobby?

Just go for it, we can do it too at the end of it all it’s about you and the kart/car. It makes no difference if you’re a girl. It’s down to how brave you can be and how well you can drive. When I first went I felt out of place and it stopped me from going back for a year until I realised when I was on the track it does not matter I’m out there and I am having fun.

How can motorsport organisations do more to inspire young female drivers?

I did not see a lot of motorsports on tv and it’s not something you are likely to stumble upon. My dad has an interest and when I asked him about drift, he pointed me to karting as a way to start to learn how to drive/race.  I think that they need more publicity and more women competing at the top.  I understand it depends on the talent, funding, and sponsors needed to push it forward. But I find things like f1 a little slow; drifting is more exciting and eye-catching. But it’s not something you would see on tv a lot, there may be other motorsports that would interest more girls to take part if they had the publicity.

What are your ambitions in motorsport?

To go sideways and have fun doing it.

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