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Major DMAX-GT Performance Upgrade at Daytona Tamworth

Major DMAX-GT Performance Upgrade at Daytona Tamworth

Improved Performance, Faster Speeds, Increased Adrenaline

At Daytona, our unwavering commitment lies in elevating our guest’s karting experience to new heights by consistently enhancing our karts, venues, operations, and overall racing experience.

We’ve recently undertaken a comprehensive upgrade of our DMAX-GT fleet at Daytona Tamworth, resulting in heightened speed, improved handling, and an intensified racing experience on our iconic 1,000-metre outdoor circuit.

Our accomplished engineers have meticulously fine-tuned the power delivery of the Rotax 125cc engines, optimising both the bottom-end and mid-range performance. This refinement translates to swifter throttle response, increased torque and faster acceleration.

Moreover, our exhaust systems have been adapted for superior performance, complemented by the integration of cutting-edge Yokohama tires across our entire fleet. These new tires boast a softer compound, significantly enhancing grip and expediting the warming process from a cold start.

The combined enhancements culminate in reduced lap times, with racers observing a notable reduction of between 0.5 to 0.75 seconds.

Another advantage stemming from these upgrades is the enhanced maneuverability as a result of amplified bottom-end power, particularly evident when exiting Tamworth’s notorious turn 12 hairpin.

Daytona are on a continuous pursuit of parity among our karts. This upgrade has resulted in remarkable consistency amongst the DMAX-GTs.

We conduct rigorous monthly fleet tests and analyse the lap-times of each kart, and are proud that DMAX-GTs are now recording consistent lap times within 0.5 seconds across the entire fleet.

Daytona invite you to experience the fruits of our labour in Tamworth. Come and put the newly upgraded DMAX-GTs to the test, and revel in a kart racing experience that truly sets new benchmarks.

Book online or call us on 033 033 27870 to race in DMAX-GTs. Experienced racers only, must be 16+.

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