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McLaren’s Young Guns Rev Up For The Season Ahead

McLaren’s Young Guns Rev Up For The Season Ahead

A day of epic racing

McLaren Formula One's Lando Norris and Oscar Piastri recently paid a visit to Daytona’s Sandown Park go-kart track with some of their team as part of McLaren's 60th birthday celebrations. The private event was held in partnership with Google and was an important opportunity for the rising stars to keep race-fit during the off-season.

Go-kart racing is a sport close to the hearts of many Formula One drivers, including Lando Norris. For many racers, go-karting is where they first began their motorsports journey. It's the most accessible way for young drivers to develop their skills and gain experience on the track.

During the off-season, many Formula One drivers continue to participate in go-karting to keep themselves fit and sharp. It's an excellent way for them to stay on top of their game and maintain their competitive edge.

During a 6-minute video filmed during the day and uploaded onto McLaren’s YouTube channel, Lando and McLaren engineer Jose Lopez discuss Lando’s go-karting history. He says he started at six years old and admitted that at first, he wasn’t the best racer. In fact, in the first four years of go-karting, he only won one race.

Lando says he switched to a slower kart so he could focus more on his driving skills – he then had to work harder to be quick. He developed a passion to want to win, which set him up well for his future.

Part of this development was that he used to go out on the go-kart tracks on slick tyres when it was raining, which he said are conditions he enjoys, and still reaps the benefits of that practice in his professional racing today.

Watch the full video including the action from the race day, laughter, and camaraderie between the team:

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