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Milton Keynes: InKart & Junior Sprint League Summer Season Preview

Milton Keynes: InKart & Junior Sprint League Summer Season Preview

A Recap of Season One & Preview of the Season Ahead

The Summer season of Daytona Milton Keynes' junior championships commences next weekend and they're shaping up to the most fiercely competed yet. The summer months at Daytona tend to be the busiest time on the tracks, so register today for the first round of InKart or Junior Sprint League to avoid missing out on your space on the grid.

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InKart Summer Season Preview

InKart is the Championship where it all begins. It's the first opportunity for drivers aged 8-15 to race competitively on the grid over six rounds in the hunt for silverware. There are two age categories, Cadets (aged 8-11) and Juniors (aged 12-15). At Milton Keynes, they race on the adult track (National Circuit). Participants must have completed Race School or a Junior assessment to take compete in InKart.

The Spring Season (S1) of Daytona Milton Keynes' InKart Championship brought back lots of familiar faces, and lots of new ones as well as our drivers set about chasing the silverware for the first InKart season of 2023. Quickly emerging leading talents were the reknown Csepreghi twins, Charlie and Jacob. The twins are known for their natural talent and immense consistency as they entered InKart in the Junior category for the first time. In the Cadet category, Rayaan Malik very quickly emerged as the driver to beat, with Lewis Bowey in close contention.

Rayaan, Lewis, and Kimi Densham spent the season trading wins and podium places, and displayed some fantastic racing all season long. In the end it was Rayaan Malik who was crowned the Cadet Champion of Season 1, with Kimi Densham in second and Lewis Bowey in third. Noah Hobson, a well-known driver in the paddock did exceptionally well to climb to fifth in standings despite missing the opening two rounds. Just behind were Dexter Hazeldine and William Bennet, who both had fantastic seasons respectively.

In the Junior category, Charlie and Jacob Csepreghi lived up to their reputation and were at the front every round of the season. Aidan Hammond, who recently joined the Junior grid after competing in the Cadet category, showed great levels of skill and claimed third place in the standings with multiple podium finishes to his name. Jacob Cseprehi finished in second place in the standings with Charlie Csepreghi taking the silverware and became the Champion of the Junior category.

Junior Sprint League Summer Season Preview

The Junior Sprint League is the next step after InKart for a young racer. It's a unique opportunity for 12-15 year olds to race 4-stroke adult karts (N35-ST) on the adult circuit, with multiple track layouts.
The Spring Season 2023 (S1) was the the inaugural season of Junior Sprint League and was closely contested, with battles up and down for the duration fot he season.

Harry Asher, Luke Dunwell and George Balster emerged as the title contenders, but no one could maintain Harry's level of consistency.

Late charges in the standings from Callie Clifford, Dylan Patel and Max Lindgren were not enough to stop Harry Asher from being crowned Champion of Season 1 with 342 points, while Dylan Patel finished second with 329 points, and Joe Fletcher finished in third with 328 points.

Callie only joined the league in round three and scored more points than anyone else in the second half of the season. With a full season, would she have won the whole competition?

Should our current drivers be worried about new faces on the block Jos Bardell and Myles Harrison? Both joined late in the season but showed some good pace and results.

Hosting all these aspiring young talents at Daytona Milton Keynes has been a pleasure, and we can't wait to welcome them back for the Summer Season.

Winter Season Results:

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