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Milton Keynes: SuperChamps Season 2 Final Results

Milton Keynes: SuperChamps Season 2 Final Results

And the winners are...

After 6 challenging rounds, Season 2 of the Daytona Milton Keynes Super Champs headed to its 7th and final round, with championships still to play for in all four categories; The Sodi SR5 Light and Heavyweight classes as well as the DMAX Light and Heavyweight classes.

The key feature of the Super Champs is the ‘drop score’ system, which allows every driver to drop their worst result of the season. In other words, only their best six results would count towards the championship.

The final round of the championship is run in a ‘Heat’ format. Unlike the other rounds which consist of a one shot super-pole followed by a single race. The heat system has two short heats, followed by a final, with the grid order for the final being determined by a driver’s finishing results in the heat. Points are awarded for both heats and the final, with a fastest lap point on offer in the final race of the day. A perfect day would ensure you at least five points over any other driver, an impressive and potentially championship changing haul of points.

Lastly, it was soaking wet on Saturday evening for the season finale, which would surely add some extra drama to proceedings as this was the only wet round of the season.

This Season So Far...

In the Sodi SR5 Heavies, Reigning champion Barry Morris won the opening round of the season, until his former title rival, Charlie Fenton, who was absent for the season opener, returned to the fold. Charlie was seemingly untouchable in the new SR5s, winning five rounds on the trot, and picking up the bonus fastest lap point in all but one. From round five onwards, Barry had decided to give the DMAX category a try, presumably his home for season 3.

All this meant that Charlie Fenton was in a dominant position to take the championship, all he had to do was show up to the season finale and the title would be his. Meanwhile, Aiden Miller and Hamish Easener were fighting for 2nd, with just four points between them

Over in the Sodi SR5 Lights, Matthew Glazebrook had started the season in dominant fashion, with 3 perfect scores from his opening rounds. Despite a late charge from Luke Power, Matthew still had a comfortable lead in the championship but had to nevertheless keep himself out of trouble. Harry Asher, who was having a very impressive season after being promoted as the Junior Champion last season, was not far off Luke Power and could potentially take 2nd if the results went his way.

The DMAX Heavyweights was looking to be the tightest of the 4 classes, with 4 drivers all able to win the championship. Kuba Wozniak led by two points over James Brown, who was in turn only 4 points clear of Iain Riley. Justin Elliot had missed a round, so with drop scores considered, he was only 6 points behind Iain.

DMAX Lightweights was a slightly more spread championship. James Bettison had won three of the six rounds and had not finished outside of the podium once this season. He was leading the championship by ten points over Jamie Tiley-Gooden, who had suffered a shocker for round 6, after what was otherwise a phenomenally impressive championship run. With drop scores taken into effect, Bettison was six points ahead of Tiley-Gooden, who in turn was five points clear of Dom Balasaitis and twelve points ahead of Ethan Pritchard.

The Season Finale

The Sodi SR5 Heavyweights went as expected with Charlie Fenton winning both heats, the final and taking the fastest lap, securing himself another 4-stroke title. Aiden Miller and Hamish Easener traded results in the heats, but come the finals it was Aiden Miller who was able to pip Hamish for 2nd, both for round 7 and the overall championship. That being said, Hamish has been getting quicker and quicker with every season, and now with a shiny new suit, I can’t wait to see these two battling in season 3.

The Sodi SR5 Lightweights did not start out as planned for Matthew Glazebrook. Luke Power won the first heat, with Harry Asher having a cracking drive for second and championship leader, Matthew Glazebrook down in third. A chance potentially for Luke Power to steal the championship? Sadly for Power, Glazebrook found his mojo for heat two and absolutely dominated to take the win in the second heat and the subsequent final, securing the championship in the process. Harry Asher had an inspired drive in the final to beat Luke Power to second, but it was not enough to dislodge Power from second in the championship.

The DMAX Heavyweights was an absolute joy to watch, with Justin Elliot, who was fourth in the championship, having a blinder of a day by winning both heats and the final. Elliot narrowly missed out on a perfect day as Kuba Wozniac stole the fastest lap and thereby a critical point from Elliot. Speaking of the reigning champion Kuba Wozniac. He finished fourth in the first heat of the day and a penalty demoted him to second in the next heat. A solid drive in the final saw him finish second, securing himself another championship in the process.

James Brown and Iain Riley were closely matched all day in the battle for third quickest, which kept the championship fight for second going right to the end. It was Iain Riley who beat James Brown to third in the Final, which resulted in the pair of them being TIED ON POINTS for second place in the championship. Poor Justin Elliot, who had driven his heart out was just a SINGLE point behind the pair and in fourth place. With two round wins in the season versus Brown who had not won a race this season, Iain Riley had the tiebreaker advantage and would claim second in the championship.

Finally, the DMAX Lightweights. James Bettison and Barry Morris were lightning quick in practice and traded wins between themselves for the two heats. Bettison continued that pace to win in the final and secure his first ever DMAX Championship. Barry Morris took second in the final, whilst  Jamie Tiley-Gooden could only manage fourth, but secured himself second in the championship, with Ethan Pritchard claiming third. 

The DMAX Lights is looking extremely interesting for season 3, with Ethan Pritchard continuing to improve, whilst Tiley-Gooden, Balasaitis and Morris have shown incredible pace for their first ever season in the 2-strokes. If we see the return of Nathan James, Philip Baboobal, Jack Stewart and Adam Thomas, we may very likely have an eight way battle for the championship. How epic would that be?


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