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Netflix Drag Queens vs Daytona Sandown Park

Netflix Drag Queens vs Daytona Sandown Park

Netflix’s Ru Paul’s Drag Race is a show that has taken the world by storm, and two of its biggest stars, JuJubee and Cheryl Hole, recently paid a visit to Daytona Sandown Park to take part in a day of filming to promote the new season of Formula One: Drive to Survive.

The duo were joined by BBC and F1 broadcaster Christian Hewgill, who presented and narrated a 9-minute YouTube video of the day’s events. A highlight of the day was a pitstop challenge, in which JuJubee and Cheryl competed to change a Formula One car tyre using Daytona’s very own F1 car. After plenty of screaming and some accusations of cheating, JuJu emerged victorious.

The two queens then took part in a hilarious press conference, with Christian asking some probing and eyebrow-raising questions. But the climax of the day was the race itself, as JuJubee and Cheryl battled it out on the tarmac using Daytona’s 50mph SODI karts.

The race was full of drama, with a heavy crash from JuJubee as she ‘miscalculated’ a corner, and a few dramatic spins. But in the end, JuJu emerged victorious once again, much to the dismay of Cheryl Hole.

The day’s events culminated with JuJubee celebrating her win on Daytona’s podium, holding a trophy aloft in triumph. It was a fun and exciting day, showcasing the talents of two of Ru Paul’s Drag Race’s most beloved stars, and promoting the new season of Formula One: Drive to Survive in the process.

Viewer discretion advised, strong language:

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