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Overdrive YouTubers Take on Sandown Park Hotshots

Overdrive YouTubers Take on Sandown Park Hotshots

Well-known YouTube entertainers Scott, Callum and Will from the 'Overdrive' channel recently visited Daytona Sandown Park to film their latest video, and this time they took on some of our young guns.

The day started with a first at Daytona, the youngest person to ever to complete a full lap of our track - Scott's three year old son Romy - drove round in a custom-built electric kart with a lap-time of 7 minutes 37.

The three YouTubers then set their best times in a SODI kart, with ten laps each to get a feel for the track.

Scott set the best time at 54.01 seconds, Callum in second place at 54.75 seconds and Will in third with a time of 56.93 seconds.

First up to try and beat their laptimes was our youngest driver, Adam Telford, in a Bambino kart. He put in a solid performance and achieved a time of 1 minutes, 9.12 seconds.

As per the video title, the driver (and kart) gets upgraded every time. Next up, was Adam's nine-year old sister Sarah Telford, competing in a slightly faster Cadet kart. She was confident she could beat the Overdrive team... and she wasn't lying! She beat Will, with a time of 56.09 seconds.

Twelve-year-old Leo Edgar was next up, also in a Cadet kart. He pushed the kart to it's limits, and set a respectable lap time of 55.04 seconds, also beating Will comfortably.

Twelve-year-old  Jamie Warner is next up, this time in a SODI kart, the same as the Overdrive team. Jamie has won multiple Championship rounds and finished runner up in the most recent season of InKart - he's rapid! Jamie beat Callum on his first lap, and also quite quickly beat Scott, a professional racing driver, with an impressive time of 52.85 seconds.

Next up, the Overdrive team were keen to see how they faired against young DMAX hotshots. DMAX karts are the fastest fleet available at Daytona, with a top-speed of 70mph. Championship contender and sixteen-year-old Archie Bullard set the first benchmark lap, with a respectable time of 47.92 seconds.

The three YouTubers each set down hot-laps in the DMAXs, and didn't reveal their laptimes until the end.

They had one final challenge, in the form of Sandown Park lap-record holder Dante Dhillon, who laid down a few rapid laps of the track before they all came together.

Will recorded 53.04 seconds in the DMAX (slower than Jamie's SODI lap). Callum achieved 49.56, and Scott did 48.47 - none of them beating young hotshot Archie. Dante unsurprisingly comfortably beat them all, with a laptime of 46.82.

Daytona will be hosting Overdrive for another video coming soon - watch this space!


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