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P1’s Matt and Tommy Race Against Damon Hill

P1’s Matt and Tommy Race Against Damon Hill

Formula One YouTube and podcast stars Matt and Tommy, from the popular P1 channel, teamed up with fellow YouTuber Tommo and Damon Hill's son Josh to produce an epic video filmed at Daytona Sandown Park.

Set at the Damon Hill Festival of Karting, an annual charity event hosted by Halow, the YouTubers, who named themselves 'Team Pleb', set themselves a noble challenge to beat a former F1 World Champion, in the form of Damon Hill, and his star studded team featuring F1's Johnny Herbert, and Top Gear's original Stig, Perry McCarthy.

The 2.5 hour endurance race started with a qualifying session, where 'Team Pleb' qualified in 13th position, and 'Team Champ' qualified in sixth position.

The race got off to an entertaining start, with Josh Hill racing for Team Pleb against his father Damon for Team Champ. The former World Champion span out on turn six on his first lap, much to the delight of Daytona's resident commentator, Jake Sanson. Team Pleb capitalised on this spin, and overtook Damon. A long time to go however, but enough to get Matt excited.

Tommo was next up and managed to extend the gap to four places, with Team Pleb in seventh and Team Champ in tenth position. Eventually, he temporarily experienced what P1 felt like, although it must be mentioned, without having done their mandatory fuel stop.

Tommy was next in the drivers seat, and after a fuel stop to bring them back to reality, they found themselves in P8, two places behind Team Champ in P6. Some solid driving from the YouTuber moved them up to P7, again, two places behind Team Champ in P5, before the next driver change - Matt's friend Jamie.

Jamie, who Matt claimed was only invited for being his lightest friend, was overtaken a few times to find himself in P9.

Matt was the final driver for Team Pleb, and it must be said, the final stint was where all the drama happened.

Without any further spoilers, you can watch the drama of what unfolded next below:

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