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Race of Champions: Preview

Race of Champions: Preview

The stage is set for tomorrow at Daytona Milton Keynes for the inaugural Race of Champions, where the best racers from our three venues have been invited to compete in a final showdown.

Those who triumphed in the SuperChamps, Thursday Night League, Junior Sprint League, and InKart Championships, as well as Endurance Races, now face the ultimate challenge – a one-off all-day event to determine the 2023 Daytona Champion.

This elite race showcases the pinnacle of talent in kart racing, posing the question: who will emerge as the ultimate champion?

Home advantage may favour the Milton Keynes regulars, however in order to level the playing field somewhat, the challenging and rarely used Cliff-Drop track layout is in play.

Junior and Cadet racers will adhere to the usual 900m national layout.

The day’s racing comprises a 5-minute practice, followed by 3 sets of 8-minute heat races and culminating in a 15-minute final.

With a chilly forecast and intermittent showers throughout the day, the weather could add an unpredictable element to the competition.

The removal of weight categories in the adult classes, with a minimum weight of 82.5kg, eliminates any advantage for lightweight drivers, intensifying the competition even more.

Cadet and Juniors

In the Cadet and Junior categories, an intriguing mix of Daytona regulars and promising newcomers promises an exciting clash.

Seasoned racers such as Fabian Gandhok, Charlie Bradburn, and Rayaan Malik share the track with emerging talents like Alexandru Ibanescu, who embarked on his Daytona championship journey in Season 3 of InKart, 2023.

It's also a pleasure to welcome familiar faces like the Csepreghi twins, Charlie and Jacob, who have been dominant forces over the past year, clinching victories in both Cadet and Junior categories of InKart. Transitioning to SODIs in Junior Sprint League, they secured impressive 2nd and 3rd positions overall in season 3, marking a remarkable journey.

Sharing the grid with them is Junior Sprint League winner Blake Southan, who also triumphed in season 3 of InKart in 2023.

Anticipation builds as we look forward to the on-track battles among these three talents.

Adding to the mix is the remarkable progress of Louis Bishop, who has shown fantastic improvement throughout 2023, consistently scoring above 50 points every round in Season 3 of InKart. Louis Bishop's upward trajectory in performance adds an intriguing element to the competition, creating an additional storyline to follow.



The SODI category assembles an array of SuperChamps champions, including recent titlists such as Harry Asher, Scott Woosey, Hamish Easener, Olivier Pikula, Jimi Holder, and Jack Harrison.

Hamish Easener showcased dominance in the N35-heavies during Season 3, consistently securing a spot on the podium. Their journey included marked improvement, transitioning from a third-place finish in Season 2 at Milton Keynes to clinching the top spot in Season 3 at Tamworth.

Benjamin Tomkinson-Gray narrowly missed a podium finish in Season 2 of SuperChamps at Tamworth by a mere 8 points but rebounded with an outstanding performance in Season 3, securing a commendable 2nd place. He emerged as a formidable rival to Olivier Pikula in the N35 lightweight category. Olivier, in his debut season in SuperChamps, claimed the championship with impressive drives. Jack Harrison, another rising star, secured victory in his inaugural SuperChamps season at Sandown Park and also triumphed in Thursday Night League. His promising skills mark him as one to watch in the future.

Meanwhile, Charlie Fenton dominated Season 2 of SuperChamps in Milton Keynes as is certainly a favourite on the day.

Adding to the excitement is May's Driver of the Month, Andrew Strike, who set the fastest lap in the SODIs during the 2023 Daytona 24 hours. Will he replicate his performance this time? This class is very difficult to predict at this stage.


In the highest esteemed DMAX category, a significant number of drivers either currently compete or have previously participated in various championships throughout the year. Their familiarity with each other on the racetrack is unsurprising.

Notably, several SuperChamps Champions, including recent Season 3 titleholders like Justin Elliott, Jamie Tiley-Gooden, Ben Sanders, and Archie Bullard, grace the lineup. Adding to the excitement is Sodi World Series champion, Abi Sanders, promising an intriguing dynamic, especially as she once again goes head-to-head with her brother.

Amidst these accomplished names, Dillon Davis, a familiar face on the Tamworth podium, stands out as a strong contender, further intensifying the competition.Reflecting on past seasons, Kuba Wozniak's dominance in Season 2 of SuperChamps at MK is noteworthy, though he did not defend his title in Season 3.

Karlis Elmanis, who secured the 1st position in Season 2 at Sandown Park, faced a shift in fortune, finishing 3rd in Season 3 and paving the way for the emerging talent of young Archie Bullard. The trio of Karlis, Tom Brown and Archie evolved into a riveting rivalry throughout 2023 across our adult championships at Sandown.

Tom Brown, a seasoned regular at Sandown Park, continues to be a consistent presence on the grid, showcasing his esteemed driving skills.


With a blend of seasoned champions, emerging talents, and dynamic rivalries, the stage is set for an electrifying competition in this category.

The real excitement, however, unfolds when these accomplished individuals come together.

Join us tomorrow at the Daytona Race of Champions 2024 to witness the convergence of these exceptional talents. Stay connected with us on Instagram (@daytonamsport) for updates throughout the day.

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