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Record Entries for Tamworth InKart Championship Round One

Record Entries for Tamworth InKart Championship Round One

Daytona Tamworth hosted the first round of its new exciting InKart Championship and the circuit saw 75 drivers racing in opening round!

With brand new race formats, including the dedicated Daytona Tamworth DMAX-GT Championship and the new Sodi Endurance Class, the 2018 InKart Champs have obviously proved popular with cadets, juniors and senior drivers alike.

The full race report for Round 1 will be online later today and Daytona would like to congratulate the class winners:

Cadets: Danny Gould
Juniors: Dillon Davis
DMAX-GT Lights: Matthew Spencer
DMAX-GT Heavies: Paul Studd
Sodi Enduro Lights: Willis and Spencer
Sodi Enduro Heavies: Darren Holliday

 The next round of the Daytona Tamworth InKart Championships is on Sunday 4th February – call us on 03303327870 to get on the grid. 

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