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Sandown Park: InKart Summer Season Preview

Sandown Park: InKart Summer Season Preview

A Preview of the Season Ahead

InKart is a special championship. It's the first opportunity for young people to race competitively, and at Sandown Park, it allows them to race on multiple adult circuit layouts. The six round championship teaches them the discipline, strategy and mentality they need to master to pursue a racing career.

The Winter Season of InKart at Sandown Park was jam-packed with action and drama. Ahead of the commencement of the Summer Season, this Sunday 16th April, we look back at the previous season.

In the Cadets category, comprised of children aged 8-11, there was a clear winner, Wyatt McAlister, who stormed to victory, winning every single race he took part in. A star to watch out for in the future?

Josef Davies put in consistent displays throughout the series to finish second on the final podium, and Adam Telford followed closely behind in third place with some solid racing. These two young men held the first and second spot right up until the final round. McAlister, who missed the first round, ended up winning the championship on the final day.

Caeser Chen was certainly a noble contender, as was Leger Dimitriou, with the two young racers finishing level on points at the climax of the championship with multiple podium finishes between them.

Daniel Marutyak finished strong, especially in the last two rounds, showing great improvement over time and had multiple podium finishes. Jack Edger and Felix Sheldon Heywood finished five points apart, after some epic head to head battles.

Sarah Telford, March's Daytona group-wide Driver of the Month, was immense throughout and deserves plenty of credit for her podium finishes during the series, including a win in the B series final.

It must run in the family, as the winner of the InKart Juniors series (for drivers aged 12-15) was Logan McAlister, Wyatt's older brother. Similarly to his brother, it was all decided in the final round. Logan was in fifth position, before winning his final race and taking the championship right at its climax.

Jamie Warner also had a remarkable final day, climbing from fourth to second overall. He put in a string of consistent performances for the silver medal after missing the first round. George Lewis and Max Sheldon Heywood were neck-and-neck right up until the final day, with George just pipping Max to third place with a podium finish at the end.

James Finlay , Luca Masarati and Oliver Bush were fierce competitors throughout, and finished in fifth, sixth and seventh places respectively.

To sign up for the Summer Season, which commences 16th April and finishes 6th August, call us 033 033 27870.




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