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Sandown Park: SuperChamps Summer Season Preview

Sandown Park: SuperChamps Summer Season Preview

A Preview of the Season Ahead

The Summer Season of SuperChamps is typically the most popular season - the sun's out, the track's warm and the competition's heating up.

SuperChamps is a six-round Championship aimed at the best-of-the best in go-kart racing. Racers flock from all around the country to take part in SuperChamps. If you've been on the podium at open races, thrown down a respectable lap-time, or consider yourself the best in the business - SuperChamps is the place to cement your credentials.

This championship is designed to be the ultimate test of racing ability and features an exciting mix of track layouts and race formats, to quite literally keep drivers on their toes round-to-round.

The Winter season was hotly contested, with Oliver Armiger winning the Championship in the SODI Lightweight category. Ben Richardson and Keo Derrick were almost neck-and-neck, with second and third places being separated by one point. Joacim Petersson and Baland Rabayah put in valiant performances throughout the season to finish fourth and fifth respectively.

In the Heavyweight category, Olly Cooper-Welton stormed to victory with a respectable 289 points, with Filip Panovski taking second place and Kireth Kalirai finishing in third.

In the DMAX lightweights, Matthew Boulton was the victor over six rounds, scoring an incredible 300 points - the highest score of all SuperChamps, and Tom Brown was clear in second place. Marcus Allan and Toby Street were separated by 2 points for an epic conclusion between third and fourth palces. Notable mentions are in order for Zakaria Syed and Alexander Hullah for strong performances across the six rounds.

Alex Tucker was the DMAX Heavyweight SuperChamp, with a consistently decent score across all rounds, Robert Guymer finished in second, with Justin Hammond behind him in third.

Fancy your chances against Oliver, Olly, Matthew or Alex in the Summer Season? Book into the full season of SuperChamps and get a free round. Call 033 033 278 70.

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