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SuperChamps Season 3 begins at Milton Keynes!

SuperChamps Season 3 begins at Milton Keynes!

Season 3 of SuperChamps begins at Daytona Milton Keynes

Congratulations to those on the Podium for Round 1 of Season 3 of SuperChamps, which took place on Sunday 3rd September at Daytona Milton Keynes in the N35-ST and DMAX karts.

For more information on SuperChamps Season 3, please click here

For the current Season 3 Results, please click here


N35 Lights

N35 Lights

1st – Matthew Glazebrook
2nd – Lewis Barton
3rd – Mortaza Hassan

N35 Heavies

1st – Charlie Fenton
2nd – Barry Morris
3rd – James Brown

DMAX Lights

1st – Nathan James
2nd – Adam Thomas
3rd – Jack Stewart

DMAX Heavies

1st – Lee Witney
2nd – Daniel Crawley
3rd – Iain Riley

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