Titan Win 2017 Daytona 24 Hour Race

Titan Win 2017 Daytona 24 Hour Race

Daytona Motorsport’s 2017 Daytona 24 Hour Race was won convincingly by Titan Motorsport today – as all 41 teams taking the chequered flag in Milton Keynes.

Having sold out in just three-and-a-half days when the event was launched last October, the race had been eagerly anticipated by the 23 DMAX teams and the 18 Sodi teams – and the event did not disappoint as the teams enjoyed close racing – especially the Sodi teams who enjoyed racing in Daytona Milton Keynes’ brand new fleet of Sodi RT8 karts that arrived at the circuit just a few days before the 24 Hour race.

The official results are below and you can access the full results with lap times and lap charts at: https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Sessions/4351559

PosCompetitorLapsDiffBest timeBest lapBest Speed
1Titan Motorsport122001:05.57119465.883 km/h
2Team Applewood12155laps01:05.0915366.369 km/h
3Team Steven Eagell Toyota120510laps01:05.1043766.355 km/h
4Design & Display Structures12041laps01:05.98912465.465 km/h
5Young Guns Racing12031laps01:05.36911366.086 km/h
6Clive Emson Auctioneers119310laps01:05.3382466.118 km/h
7Aldi Sport Team Joest11921laps01:05.4835565.971 km/h
8Rye Tek Racing11893laps01:06.2465365.211 km/h
9Bill & Ben11854laps01:05.8935365.561 km/h
10Charlotte’s Angels11841laps01:05.9152865.539 km/h
11MRT – Manchester Racing Team11813laps01:06.05812565.397 km/h
12Ruthless Racing118150.355seconds01:06.154765.302 km/h
13Bulldog Power Energy Drink11801laps01:06.1452065.311 km/h
14Sad Car Racing11807.021seconds01:06.4376265.024 km/h
15Off Piste11773laps01:05.6242565.83 km/h
16KDS Racing11698laps01:10.26744061.48 km/h
17/// M Power11694.095seconds01:06.0165365.439 km/h
18Racing Republic11681laps01:06.6201764.845 km/h
19Team Want2Race11662laps01:09.8371361.858 km/h
20Rugby Kart Club11642laps01:10.202761.537 km/h
21Fake Taxi11622laps01:10.130761.6 km/h
22Team Solus11625.510seconds01:06.5768064.888 km/h
23Tireless Tortoise11602laps01:09.6689262.008 km/h
24Space Pirates11591laps01:06.7776164.693 km/h
25Team JTech/Carvell11572laps01:10.87665260.952 km/h
26Advance Racing11561laps01:10.1894461.548 km/h
27Allianz Technology11551laps01:06.6655364.802 km/h
28Rugby Kart Club II11541laps01:10.4123561.353 km/h
29Force Windia11540.793seconds01:10.83688160.986 km/h
304 Bolts and a Nut11546.120seconds01:10.2983761.453 km/h
31Sadder Car Racing11513laps01:10.55521061.229 km/h
32Apex Dodgers11501laps01:10.9798260.863 km/h
33Monday Knights11491laps01:10.49814461.278 km/h
34The Ellough Mentals11463laps01:10.4804561.294 km/h
35The Vikings11451laps01:06.812764.659 km/h
36#8 Wisemen11432laps01:09.9763561.735 km/h
37Going Going Gone11358laps01:11.25434460.628 km/h
38Norfolk and Chance11323laps01:11.3625960.536 km/h
39Power to Wait11275laps01:06.2038165.254 km/h
40HUN-MS-C108839laps01:10.73038461.077 km/h
41Made in Lithuania104147laps01:09.0613862.553 km/h

The video highlights of the race will be online next week, but in the meantime Team Daytona would like to congratulate all 219 drivers who raced in this year’s race for the exemplary standards of racing and for the impeccable behaviour in the Pit Lane!

DMAX and Overall Race Podium:

3rd Applewood      1st Titan Motorsport      3rd Tm Steven Eagell Toyota

Sodi Class Podium:

2nd Want2Race      1st KDS Racing      3rd Rugby Kart Club

If you would like to race in the Daytona International 24 Hour Race this October, please call Mark on 03303327870 to book your space. Please note that there are only 13 spaces remaining in the race.

Thanks to Sprocket Photography for the images