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Week 10: Daytona Championships

Week 10: Daytona Championships

Week Ten

Week 10 of the Daytona Karting Championships brought with it the excitement of the first endurance race at Tamworth. While it wasn't a championship event, it was still an impressive display of skill and determination from the participating teams.

Maple Motorsport Bravo, represented by Chris Cleaver and Matt Ellis, emerged victorious in the SODI-RT8 category. Their impressive performance was a testament to their experience and teamwork, as they navigated the challenging course with precision and speed.

In the DMAX category, TRX Racing Too, represented by JJ Hinds and Kris Kliczbor, took home the victory. Their impressive display of skill and coordination on the track was nothing short of inspiring, as they demonstrated their ability to work together as a team to achieve their goal.

Meanwhile, at Milton Keynes, the InKart championship saw Kimi Densham, Richard Marks, Jacob Csepreghi, and Oliver Sanderson secured the win. Their outstanding performances on the track showcased their incredible talent and dedication to the sport.

At Sandown Park, the InKart championship saw Wyatt McAlister, Leger Dimitriou, James Malcom, and Daniel Tredwell earn the top spots. With Max Sheldon-Heywood taking gold in the Junior Sprint League showcasing his talent and potential as a rising star in the karting world.

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