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Week 14: Daytona Championships

Week 14: Daytona Championships

Week Fourteen

Week 14 of the Daytona championships saw some exciting races taking place at Tamworth. With no championships taking place at Milton Keynes or Sandown Park, all eyes were on the SuperChamps, Junior Sprint League, and Thursday Night League races happening at Tamworth.

In the SuperChamps, Charlie Edge, Baxter Rawlings, Kyle Storor, and Mario Nacarlo emerged victorious. The competition was fierce, with each driver pushing themselves to the limit. The winners showed incredible skill and determination, making for an unforgettable race.

The Junior Sprint League was won by Blake Southan. He showed great promise and skill on the track, impressing everyone with his driving abilities. The race was full of adrenaline and excitement, with each driver giving their all to win.

In the Thursday Night League, Charlie Warmsley-Ryde, Chris Parkes, Dillon Davis, and Chris Phillips were crowned champions. Following its popularity at Tamworth, Thursday Night League has now arrived at both Milton Keynes and Sandown Park. Click here for more information.

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