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Week 17: Daytona Championships

Week 17: Daytona Championships

Week Seventeen

This past May Bank Holiday weekend saw some fantastic racing action at our Daytona Tamworth Circuit. While there were no championships taking place at Milton Keynes or Sandown Park, Tamworth more than made up for it by hosting not one, not two, but three championships over the weekend!

InKart featured some talented drivers battling it out on track with Noah Hobson, Harvey Preen, Blake Southan and Owen Tymon-Clydesdale emerging victorious at the end of the day.

Over in the SuperChamps championship, Mario Nacarlo, Bertie Bream, Patryk Welna and Charlie Edge were the drivers to watch. It was these four drivers that secured the top spots on the podium.

Finally, in the Junior Sprint League, Archie Gale emerged as the standout driver of the day. Gale's impressive driving skills and natural talent on the track, as he cruised to victory.

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