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Week 19: Daytona Championships

Week 19: Daytona Championships

Week Nineteen

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As practice commenced, Tom Brown and Jake Pearson emerged as the early pace setters, setting the stage for an action-packed evening on the track. Meanwhile, George Lewis showcased his prowess by claiming the title of the quickest DMAX driver during the practice. Similarly, Michael Miao proved his mettle as the speed demon, topping the charts as the fastest Sodi driver.

With the stage set and the tension building, the D40 Race commenced, offering an electrifying spectacle for the spectators. However, some early penalties were handed out, as karts 126 (Archie Bullard) and 130 (Olly Cooper Welton) were deemed guilty of ABC's and received a 15-second penalty each.

As the race progressed, George Lewis showcased his tenacity, climbing up the ranks to claim the third position by lap four. Meanwhile, Michael Miao took an early lead in the Sodi race, holding it with determination until lap eight.

It was Ben Richardson who unleashed a burst of speed, recording the quickest lap time of the entire race (46.012 seconds) on lap 12, signalling his intent to challenge for the top spot. Luka Nik, however, had other plans, making a daring overtaking manoeuvre on lap 10 to snatch first place from Michael Miao.

The race intensified with exhilarating wheel-to-wheel battles as Ben Richardson, Tom Brown, and George Lewis engaged in captivating overtakes, each vying for the coveted first position. However, a slight misstep by Ben Richardson at turn 6 on lap 23 caused Tom Brown to momentarily lose control, adding a thrilling twist to the race.

Taking advantage of the situation, George Lewis capitalized on the incident, widening the gap to secure a three-second lead over his competitors. Meanwhile, Luka Nik demonstrated his dominance in the Sodi race, storming ahead with an iron grip on the lead.

Undeterred by his earlier error, Ben Richardson mounted an impressive comeback, regaining the DMAX lead on lap 38. The battle for second place in the Sodi category unfolded as Robert Sutton overtook Michael Miao in the closing stages of the race. However, fate had another twist in store, as Sutton spun out at turn 6, allowing Miao to reclaim the second spot in a breathtaking display of skill and determination.

Ultimately it was Ben Richardson, Luka Nik, Jamie Welsh and Simon Fuller who took gold.


Thursday Night League

Practice was ablaze with excitement as Reece Harris soared to new heights, delivering a stunning performance with a blistering lap time of 53.070 seconds. The top three fastest drivers were separated by a mere 0.065 seconds, showcasing the remarkable competitiveness of the field.

Claiming the first position was Reece Harris, followed closely by William Tidnam in second and Steve Hannon in third. Notably, Luka Nik displayed an impressive showing, securing the fourth position with a commendable lap time of 53.922 seconds, making him the only driver besides the top three to break into the 53-second mark.

As the race began, Steve Hannon executed a brilliant manoeuvre on the first lap, propelling him into the lead. Connor Elmore showcased his talent and held onto an impressive third place until lap nine. However, it was William Tidnam who stole the spotlight with a remarkable double overtake on lap nine, snatching the third position and fiercely defending it until the chequered flag waved.

Meanwhile, Rafael Blanco-bush endured a challenging start, slipping down to eighth place on lap three. Undeterred, he mounted a stunning comeback, securing the fifth position on lap 16. In a display of pure speed, Blanco-bush also recorded the quickest lap of the race, setting an impressive time of 52.804 seconds.

In the DMAX category, the practice session witnessed Will Tidnam setting the pace with a blistering lap time of 47.697 seconds, asserting his dominance. The top three positions were claimed by Tidnam in first, Jack Luggar in second, and Zeyang Fu in third. As the race commenced, Billy Reymond stormed into the lead on the first lap, but it was Will Tidnam who showcased his prowess on lap 14, seizing the lead and clinching first place with an awe-inspiring performance.

Jack Luggar experienced a slight setback, slipping from second to third on lap five, where he remained for the duration of the race. Michael Miao faced an initial challenge, dropping to ninth position on the first lap. However, his determination shone through as he fought his way back, ultimately securing the fifth position by lap 16 and maintaining it until the chequered flag.

Zeyang Fu commenced the race from a modest tenth position but demonstrated exceptional skill and consistency, finishing in fourth place, leaving spectators in awe of his remarkable performance.

Ultimately it was Steve Hannon, Billy Reymond, Reece Harris, and Will Tidnam who claimed first place.



Daytona Milton Keynes kicked off the Super Champs Season with a highly anticipated first round, where both familiar and new faces graced the track. The drivers tackled the challenging 'linkback' circuit in the D30 format, adding an intriguing twist to the standard international layout. Instead of a flat-out section around turn six, drivers faced a demanding braking zone and an ever-tightening right-hand hairpin before continuing on the familiar track layout.

The DMAX Lightweight category witnessed a closely fought battle between James Bettison and Jamie Tiley-Gooden in the early stages of the race. Navigating the traffic with finesse, James proved to be superior, ultimately taking control of the race and securing victory with an eight-second lead over Jamie. Making an impressive debut, Zack Titterton completed the podium, showcasing his talent and determination.

In the DMAX Heavyweight category, the return of seasoned contenders, including defending champion Kuba Wozniak and Iain Riley, set the stage for an exhilarating showdown. After thirty minutes of intense racing, Iain emerged triumphant, crossing the finish line with a seven-second advantage over James Brown, who made his DMAX debut this season. Kuba, who had consistently finished in the top two throughout the calendar year, settled for third place, marking a notable departure from his usual dominance.

The N35 Heavyweight category witnessed a race of attrition, with drivers unable to close the gap and make overtaking manoeuvres. Despite a spin hampering his progress, Hamish Easener secured third place, finishing one lap behind the dominant winner Barry Morris. Aiden Miller displayed consistency and skill, securing the second spot on the podium with a commendable performance.

In the N35 Lightweight category, the reigning Junior Sprint League Champion, Harry Asher, made his transition to the Super Champs and aimed to contend for victory against experienced Daytona veteran Matthew Glazebrook. A promising newcomer, Luke Power, also showcased impressive pace and potential. Ultimately, it was Matthew who emerged as the victor, commanding an eleven-second lead over Luke Power in second place. Harry, despite his talent, finished over a lap behind in third position.


Thursday Night League

The N35 category ignited with excitement as the race began, with James King leading the pack, setting a blistering pace from the get-go. Meanwhile, Andrew Hutton and Charlie Fenton engaged in a thrilling battle for the coveted second position. James King capitalized on the intense competition, swiftly opening up a four-second lead and maintaining it throughout the race. The battle for second place intensified, reaching a nail-biting climax as Charlie Fenton edged past Andrew Hutton by a narrow margin, securing the runner-up position. Andrew Hutton, after an unsuccessful switchback maneuver, found himself forced onto the grass, but displayed commendable skill to bring his kart home in third place.

In the DMAX category, Lee Schnitzler showcased his prowess by leading the pack after securing pole position. The early stages of the race saw the drivers maintain their positions as they navigated the first few corners. James King, displaying remarkable determination and skill, gradually climbed the ranks and secured the second position after a few laps. Lee Schnitzler, however, demonstrated exceptional dominance, amassing a substantial lead of 20 seconds by the end of the race, leaving his rivals in awe. James King held onto his strong second-place finish, while Paul Studd showcased his talent, securing the third position on the podium.

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