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Week 20: Daytona Championships

Week 20: Daytona Championships

Week Twenty

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Practice 1 saw some impressive performances from both the Junior and Cadet categories. In the Junior category, James Malcom set the early pace with a lap time of 51.860, closely followed by Robert Charles. The top three positions were hotly contested, with James Malcom ultimately securing the first place, followed by Robert Charles in second and Elijah Dusch in third.

In the Cadet category during Practice 1, Wyatt McAlister took the lead with a lap time of 55.644. However, Caesar Chen made a great last lap push to secure the third position. At the end of the session, Wyatt McAlister claimed the top spot, followed by Leger Dimitriou in second and Caesar Chen in third.

Moving on to Practice 2, Nicolai Eidsgaard set the quickest lap time in the Junior category on the first lap, closely followed by James Finlay. However, it was Jamie Warner who stole the show, taking the first position on lap 3 and recording the fastest lap time of the session. Jamie Warner finished in first place, followed by Nicolai Eidsgaard in second and Harrison Bishop in third.

In the Cadet category of Practice 2, Josef Davies and Daniel Marutyak showcased their skills early on. Josef Davies ultimately claimed the first position, followed by Rafael Beattie Mckerrow in second and Daniel Marutyak in third.

Moving on to the heats, Heat 1 in the Junior category saw a great battle between David Szucs-farkas, Charlie Bradburn, and Max Sheldon Heywood. Max Sheldon Heywood managed to defend brilliantly and secure the first position, with James Malcom finishing second and Ayaan Bagga in third.

In the Cadet category, Josef Davies showcased a brilliant start, defending against Caesar Chen and Sarah Telford. Josef Davies ultimately secured the first position, with Caesar Chen finishing second and Sarah Telford in third.

Heat 2 in the Junior category witnessed a thrilling three-way battle between Simonas Punter, Luca Masarati, and Archie Pratley. Luca Masarati emerged as the winner, with Ayaan Bagga finishing second and Ollie Peters in third.

In the Cadet category, Wyatt McAlister took the lead early on and maintained it until the end, securing the first position. Adam Telford finished in second place, followed by Daniel Marutyak in third.

Heat 3 in the Junior category had Leon Ptasznik leading early on, but James Finlay managed to secure the second position on the last lap. Max Sheldon Heywood showcased a fantastic race throughout and defended brilliantly, securing the first position.

In the Cadet category, Caeser and Sarah had a strong start. Sarah Telford showcased an amazing race, starting in fifth position and finishing in third. Josef Davies started in sixth position but managed to secure the first position on lap 10.

Heat 4 in the Junior category saw a close battle between Max Miller, James Malcom, and Jamie Warner. Jamie Warner emerged as the winner, followed by James Malcom in second and Max Miller in third.

In the Cadet category, Wyatt McAlister took the lead on lap 2 and held it until the end, securing the first position. Adam Telford finished in second place, followed by Daniel Marutyak in third.

The B Final in the Junior category saw Joshua Cooper leading early on, but Harrison Bishop took the lead for most of the race. However, due to a penalty, Harrison Bishop dropped to second position, allowing David Szucs-farkas to claim the first position. Simonas Punter finished in third.

In the Cadet category, Olly Knox led early on but dropped to fourth position. Leger Dimitriou emerged as the winner, with Felix Sheldon Heywood finishing in second and Arno Nurijanyan in third.

Finally, in the A Final for Juniors, James Malcom took the lead from the start and defended it for the entire race, securing the first position. Jamie Warner, Max Sheldon Heywood, and James Finlay had a thrilling battle for the second position, with Jamie Warner ultimately finishing second and James Finlay in third.

In the Cadet category, Josef Davies dominated the race from the start, with Wyatt McAlister finishing in second and Daniel Marutyak in third.

Junior Sprint League

During the practice session, Jamie Warner set an impressive pace from the beginning, showcasing his skills on the track. On lap 7, Logan McAlister managed to secure the second position with a quick lap time of 51.862. Jack Redfern made a late surge on the last lap, moving up to third place with a time of 52.045. Jonathan Fuchsel also drove well and finished in fourth position.

In the race, Jamie Warner and Logan McAlister had a strong start, leading the pack from the first lap. Jonathan Fuchsel briefly took the third position from Jack Redfern on lap 1, but Jack quickly reclaimed the spot on lap 5.

The battle for the third position intensified as the race progressed, involving Jack Redfern, Jonathan Fuchsel, Max Sheldon Heywood, and George Lewis. It became a four-way fight for the final podium position.

Jamie Warner, with a significant lead over the rest of the field, maintained a dominant performance throughout the race. He finished in first place, with a comfortable lead of 13.375 seconds over the second-place driver, Logan McAlister.

Logan McAlister secured the second position, finishing ahead of Jack Redfern by a margin of 4.188 seconds.

The final race results are as follows:

1st place: Jamie Warner (51.078) 2nd place: Logan McAlister (51.740) 3rd place: Jack Redfern (51.775)

Overall, it was an exciting race, with Jamie Warner's outstanding performance securing him the first-place finish. Logan McAlister and Jack Redfern also showcased their skills, securing the second and third positions, respectively. The battle for the third position added an extra layer of excitement to the race



Saturday the 20th May 2023 saw us welcome back our drivers for the second round of the summer SuperChamps season! With many returning drivers joining the season in Round 2, perhaps a tactical move to help them later in the season with regards to how the 'drop-round' works! The sun was shining and the engines purring as the drivers took the track on a crisp spring morning.

The Four-Stroke Lightweight category contained nine, highly experienced drivers contesting for the victory, but it was Matthew Glazebrook who started in fifth place, but led the race by lap eight and would then lead until the chequered flag on the end of lap thirty-two! William Stephenson and Harry Asher, the reigning Junior Sprint League Champion, would complete the podium.

The Four-Stroke Heavyweight category saw the addition of Daytona Milton Keynes veteran Charlie Fenton, Charlie would take the fastest lap and the round victory, from Hamish Easener in second place, and Barry Morris completing the podium after an incident between Charlie, Barry, and Aiden Miller saw Aiden receive a three-place position penalty. Barry Morris will be hoping to bounce back in the Race to 50! After a sub par display from the reigning champion.

The DMAX Heavyweight category was populated by eleven of the thirty-two drivers and contained new entries in Andi Istrate, Mohammad ("Mo") Hassan and Mark Mansell, among some other fresh faces too! A former champion in Josh Davis returned to the grid in emphatic style, taking pole position, fastest lap, and led every lap of the race to complete the grand slam victory and the full fifty-one points! Kuba Wozniak trailed by sixteen seconds in a better but not quite perfect round for the defending champion, with James Brown maintaining a one-hundred percent podium record this season.

The DMAX Lightweight category contained eight drivers on the day, but was really only a two-horse race between title challengers James Bettison and Jamie-Tiley Gooden. Jamie and James exchanged a fantastic battle in the early phase of the race session, but Jamie would prevail and take victory by two seconds over James Bettison in second and Lewis Barton in third, seventeen seconds off the race lead, and his first DMAX podium finish, in his second attempt!

Junior Sprint League

Another bright and crisp morning in Milton Keynes set the scene for the second round of the Junior Sprint League Championship. With a few fresh faces joining the grid, in the shape of Blake Southan and Callie Clifford, the thirteen drivers set about chasing victory on the Link Back, Cliff Drop layout, with adds a tricky braking zone int he middle of the lap, as well as an off-camber chicane in the final third, rewarding the drivers with the best technique!

The race start was very close with the top six all scrapping for track position in the early phase, it was soon Blake Southan and Myles Harrison who managed to pull away and fight for the victory. It would be Blake who would take victory on his debut and the fastest lap, with Myles in second place, and round one winner Luke Dunwell, completing the podium after a great battle between himself, Jack Beeseley and Jos Bardell.


Daytona welcomed back the drivers to round 2 of the Daytona Milton Keynes InKart series. Thirty-one drivers total attended the venue for what was an enthralling day of racing, on a beautiful spring morning. The day began with the heats format, and these heats set the scene for the final races. Blake Southan, a new driver this week, claimed his first heat victory on his debut, slamming the door shut on the reigning champion Charlie Csepreghi, on the exit of the final corner on the last lap! What a way to make a name for yourself.

The B-Final in the Cadet category was populated by regular A-finalist Kimi Densham, Teddy Mullan, Tyler Rickard and George Wilamowski, who fought for victory, however it would be Kimi who would take the flag by twenty-five seconds to Teddy in second, marginally in front of George to complete the podium. In the Junior category, there was a race long battle between Ellis Owens, William Hayter, and Oliver Sanderson, with the three drivers separated by just half a second over the line! It was Ellis who claimed victory in the B final after some exceptional defensive driving in the final laps, from William in second and Oliver in third, just two tenths off second-place.

The A-Final was closely contested across the board, with outstanding race craft from all the drivers. In the Cadets, Zayn Perry completed a dominant performance and claimed victory on the road by four seconds over Jacob Kent, unfortunately for Jacob though, an incident in the early stages of the race led to a one place position penalty being applied, promoting Lewis Bowey to second, and demoting Jacob down to third. The Junior category was another installment of the Jacob & Charlie Csepreghi, Aidan Hammond battle. Unfortunately, for them that is, they had Blake Southan to worry about who was right behind the front three, and ready to pick up the pieces. After a fantastic display of skill throughout all A-Final drivers, it was Jacob Csepreghi who took victory, with Aidan Hammond in second, and Charlie Csepreghi in fourth. This result ties the championship as we head into round 3! Its all to play for, and may the best driver win!

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