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Week 21/22: Daytona Championships

Week 21/22: Daytona Championships

Week Twenty One/ Twenty Two

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Thursday Night League - Round 4

SODI Qualifying 

The qualifying session for  Round 4 was highly competitive, with Jonathan Fuchsel, Dan Giles, and Connor Elmore fiercely vying for pole position. Frederic Navarro also showcased impressive pace on the track. The event boasted the largest-ever SODI Thursday Night League grid at Sandown Park, adding to the excitement. Some drivers faced challenges adapting to the new layout, resulting in a few spins. However, Steve Hannon and Dylan Brierley made notable progress, jumping up the leader board.

SODI Race:

Jonathan Fuchsel made a strong start, leading the pack on the first lap. Throughout the race, there were several incidents of cars spinning. Ryan Fenner faced a challenging moment, spinning under yellows. Meanwhile, Steve Hannon fought his way to the front of the pack, but the top five drivers were all within one second of each other.

After 14 minutes of intense racing, the race finally settled down, although the battle for the win remained heated. Steve Hannon managed to secure the victory on the last lap, showcasing his skill and determination.

DMAX Qualifying 

In the qualifying session Tom Brown and Billy Reymond initially set the pace, demonstrating their speed on the track. However, halfway through the session, Archie Bullard found his rhythm and secured the second position.


Tom Brown extended his lead during the race, with Archie matching his lap times closely. Meanwhile, Allen Jackson and Christopher Taylor engaged in a hard but fair battle for the 16th position. The race also featured a close fight for third place between Robert Guymer and Michael Miao.

Tom experienced a costly lap, allowing Archie to put pressure on him for the top spot. However, Tom eventually regained his pace, breaking away from Archie and crossing the finish line with a margin of just over a second, securing the victory.

Thursday Night League - Round 5

SODI Qualifying 

Early on, Steve Hannon and Jack Harrison emerged as the leaders, showcasing their strong performance. The final qualifying order was determined with Jack Harrison in first place, followed by Steven Hannon and Reece Harris.

SODI Race 

Jack Harrison had an impressive start to the race, pulling a substantial gap through turn 1 and into turn 2. Reece Harris had a slow getaway off the line, losing a few positions and dropping to fifth place by the end of the first lap. Steve Hannon, Jack Harrison, Dan Giles , Luka Nik , and Jack Dine established a significant gap from the rest of the pack. The initial laps of the race were clean, with minimal spins and contact among the drivers.

Around 5 minutes into the race, a good battle ensued between  Jack Harrison and Steve Hannon for the lead on the top straight, with Steve Hannon having to defend to prevent the overtake from kart 1. (Jack)managed to retake the lead down at Vale after a good exit around turn 8.

A back-and-forth battle between karts Steve and Jack ensued, and their intense competition allowed positions 3, 4, and 5 to close the gap and re-enter the fight for podium positions. Reece Harris started to lose touch from the front four runners.

As the race progressed, the two front runners, Steve and Jack, calmed down their battle, enabling them to extend their gap to the driver in third place. In the remaining laps, Steve regained the lead for the race, and on the last lap, Jack got caught behind lapped traffic, allowing Steve to hold onto first place and secure the win. The two front drivers displayed good respect on the in-lap, acknowledging each other's sportsmanship with a fist bump.

DMAX Qualifying 

Tom Brown established himself in P1 early on, demonstrating his pace on the track. Ultimately, Archie Bullard secured pole position with two minutes remaining, with Tom Brown in second place and Andrew Brunton in fifth.


The first lap of  Round 5 race was clean, with Archie getting a great start on the rolling start and maintaining his lead over Tom, who experienced a slower start and dropped from second to third place. Archie quickly pulled a significant gap from the drivers in second and third during the opening lap. Tom Brown gradually closed the gap to Archie after the lead Archie had established at the start of the race.

The battle between the two front runners, Archie and Tom, allowed Andrew Brunton to close the gap and join the fight for first and second positions. On the last lap, Archie held onto the lead and successfully crossed the finish line, winning the race with Tom Brown closely behind.

Similar to the SODI race, the drivers in first and second place displayed respect and appreciation for their competitive racing by exchanging a fist bump.

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