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Week 25: Daytona Championships

Week 25: Daytona Championships

Week Twenty Five

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Practice began with George Lewis setting the fastest time, narrowly edging out Yaseen Khan by a mere 9 thousandths of a second. However, Zakaria Syed ultimately topped the timesheets. The track conditions continued to improve throughout the session, resulting in faster lap times.

During the super pole qualifying, the circuit was busy, and Finley Hart had a spin at turn 1, causing a brief interruption.

As the race commenced, there was an incident on lap 1 as Charlie Beven Dick spun. Ollie Armiger had a poor start, while Karlis Elmanis suffered a spin at turn 6, dropping him down to 18th position. However, Tom Brown made impressive progress, climbing up to 4th place by lap 2.

Further incidents occurred during the race, with Scott Woosey experiencing a kart stall on the track. George Lewis, who had moved up to 2nd place, began closing in on Ollie Armiger, the race leader. Karlis Elmanis showcased a remarkable recovery drive, climbing up to 9th position.

On lap 17, Tom Brown overtook Yaseen Khan to secure 4th place. There was an intense battle for 3rd place, involving Tom Brown, Daniel Tredwell, Henry Lopes Gracy, and Zakaria Syed, which lasted for approximately 10 laps.

George Lewis continued to narrow the gap between himself and Ollie Armiger, as the race leader struggled to overtake a backmarker. Ben Richardson received a 5-second penalty for a bump and pass maneuver on Archie Bullard. Karlis Elmanis joined the battle for 4th place, showcasing an impressive recovery drive.

Zakaria Syed made a move into 4th place, while Luka Nik, a newcomer to the DMAX class, had a spin at turn 4 but managed to recover to 13th position. Daniel Tredwell received a 5-second penalty for a bump and pass incident on Tom Brown at turn 6.

Max Sheldon Heywood climbed up to 8th place, and there were ongoing position exchanges between him and Daniel Tredwell. Finley Hart also displayed a strong performance, advancing from the back of the grid to 10th place.

Charlie Beven Dick, despite his spin on lap 1, made progress and rose to 12th position as the race unfolded.

Milton Keynes

Thursday Night League 

The 29th June was the date for the sixth installment of the Thursday Night Sprint League at Daytona Milton Keynes, an incredible fifty-one drivers turned out for the event across both kart categories. Thirty-four of which took on the challenging National Circuit in the brand new Sodi SR5's, and seventeen DMAX's followed suit.
The DMAX Qualifying session was closely contested, with the top four drivers of Lee Schnitzler, Jack Stewart, Carl Stephens, and James King all separated by just a quarter of a second as we proceeded into the race session. The race session was even closer, Lee led the way into the sunset for the opening eight laps of the race, before falling down the order in the second half of the race, Jack Stewart would assume the lead of the race and fight tooth and anil with Carl Stephens for the race victory. It would be Carl who would come out on top with an amazing last lap overtake on the inside of turn three, and then exquisite defensive driving at the final corner to fend off the counter attack from Jack who came in second by just 0.175 of a second! James King would complete the podium after overtaking Lee in the final few laps of the race!
This week's Sodi race was a full busy race of 34 drivers, we were racing on a shorter National layout. As qualifying got under way drivers were setting some fast laps with it always changing hands, Joe Zarkos - Smith eventually took pole and would lead everyone away into turn 1. The race got going and was very close throughout. Matthew Thomas lost a few places in the opening stages. Pete Ellis did well to gain during the opening laps, Arthur Morin came to the front and after 20 minutes there were some drivers who didn’t meet the minimum weight requirement of the championship so were excluded from the results but it was Arthur Morin who came home to take the win in round 6 followed by Amaud Ceci in second followed by Pete Ellis in third.

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