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Week 26: Daytona Championships

Week 26: Daytona Championships

Week Twenty Six

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During the practice session, Tom Brown set the quickest lap time of 48.499 seconds in the DMAX category, while Charlie Foster recorded the fastest lap of 54.222 seconds in the SODI category. As the session progressed, Zakaria Syed showcased his speed, achieving the quickest lap on lap 4 with a time of 47.334 seconds in the DMAX class. However, Archie Bullard surpassed him on lap 5, clocking in at 47.048 seconds. Tom Brown reclaimed the fastest lap on lap 7 with a time of 46.990 seconds, and Zakaria Syed further improved on lap 9, setting the new benchmark at 46.784 seconds.

In Heat 1, Karlis Elmanis took the lead from the start in the DMAX class. Meanwhile, Charlie Foster led the way in the SODI class on lap 1. Tom Brown recorded the fastest lap of 46.950 seconds on lap 4 while holding the 4th position in the DMAX category. Luka Nik set the fastest lap in the SODI class with a time of 5.023 seconds on lap 4. Michael Miao climbed up to 2nd place on lap 8 and then overtook Charlie Foster to take the lead on lap 9 in the SODI category. Charlie Foster regained the lead before the race concluded, and Luka Nik secured 2nd place on the last lap.

In Heat 2, Zakaria Syed took the lead ahead of Archie Bullard on the first lap in the DMAX class. Tom Brown made progress, advancing from 7th to 5th place on lap 1 in the DMAX category. Luka Nik claimed the top spot on lap 1 in the SODI class. Ben Richardson put on a strong performance, defending his 3rd position on lap 5 in the DMAX category. Tom Brown overtook Ben Richardson on lap 8, securing 3rd place.

In the race, Zakaria Syed and Tom Brown battled closely, with only a 0.284-second gap between them on lap 1, occupying 1st and 2nd positions in the DMAX category. Luka Nik overtook Charlie Foster for 1st place on lap 2 in the SODI class. Zakaria Syed spun at turn 6, dropping from 2nd to 5th place on lap 5 in the DMAX class. The final results in the DMAX category were: 1st place Tom Brown with a time of 46.756 seconds, 2nd place Karlis Elmanis with a time of 46.720 seconds, and 3rd place Zakaria Syed with a time of 46.293 seconds. In the SODI category, the results were: 1st place Luka Nik with a time of 52.760 seconds, 2nd place Michael Miao with a time of 52.587 seconds, and 3rd place Charlie Foster with a time of 52.905 seconds.

Milton Keynes


On a windswept, cloudy day in Milton Keynes, Daytona Milton Keynes hosted the fifth installment of its SuperChamps season, where Sodi Light & Heavy drivers battle it out on the same track, at the same time, as the DMAX Light & Heavy drivers! The track layout was 'Cliff-Drop' which provides a challenging off-camber chicane on the run down towards the traditional eighth corner of the traditional international layout, adding about four seconds in lap time.
In the Sodi Lightweight category, the race would be closely contested at the top, between Luke Power and current championship leader Matthew Glazebrook, but Matthew was never able to quite get close enough to make an overtake, so it would be Luke that would take victory by eight tenths of a second over Matthew, with Adam Green showing good form to return to the podium in third place, twenty seconds off the two leaders.
The DMAX Lightweight category saw a driver who started their first season in DMAX this season, but yet to win a round, but today, Dom Balasaitis would take a commanding victory, leading every lap as well getting the fastest lap, Dom would win by thirteen seconds over Jamie Tiley-Gooden in second place, and James Bettison with a round to forget, coming home in third.
The DMAX Heavyweight category was where we saw the closest racing of the event, James Brown and Kuba Wozniak, our title contenders, fought tooth and nail in the final minutes of the race, after James made a mistake at the challenging Cliff-Drop chicane, allowing Kuba to close back up, Kuba would clinch first position with just five laps to spare, taking victory by just two tenths of a second after James Brown applied serious pressure in the closing stages, not quite enough and James will know that round was there for the taking! Lee Schnitzler had a much tamer race, but collected good points in securing third position.
The Sodi Heavyweight category, was very much dominated by Charlie Fenton who finished a lap ahead of his rivals Aiden and Hamish, who had a very close on track battle in the final ten minutes of the race, Aiden would prevail and come home in second place with Hamish in third, Charlie Fenton would take the top step again after another fine display.

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