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Week 27: Daytona Championships

Week 27: Daytona Championships

Week Twenty Seven

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Milton Keynes


A very busy round with a sold out DMAX class and a near to capacity SODI class meant for a lovely evening of racing filling up all 1360m of the track.The Superpole concluded with James Bettison on pole for the DMAX race and Iain Riley first in class for the Heavies. The SODI pole sitter was Callum Poulter, with Charlie Fenton leading the Heavy class.  

The race began with a spin at Turn 2, into a spin at Turn 4 really mixing things up so early in the race. Some really tight racing proceeded from both SODI and DMAX Classes over the first few lap, taking 3 or 4 laps for the DMAXs to catch up to the back of the SODI group. The classes settled down with James Bettison fighting off Nathan Boyle in the DMAX Light Class. Iain Riley and Kuba Wozniak had a great battle with Iain beating Kuba at the end by less than one Tenth. Justin Elliott finished Third in the DMAX heavies. 

In the SODI lights Callum Poulter got the fastest lap but he wasn’t able to get any higher than 3rd, he was leading the class but fell back after a collision, Matthew Glazebrook finished 2nd and the class win went to Harry Asher after a penalty was issued to Matthew for a bump pass earlier in the race. In the SODI Heavies it was Charlie Fenton who tookthe win quite comfortably this evening with a 15 second lead over Aiden Miller. James King took Third Place with his first entry into Superchamps this season. 

A great evening of racing with some tight battles up and down the grid. A Few drivers missed out on top points this week shaking the points tables up some what. The last round of the season is 2 weeks time with Heats on the National Circuit to conclude the season


SuperChamps R6 began with a strong showing from the N35 Lights championship leader, Charlie Edge, topping the timing boards for practice and winning his first heat. Close on his heels was SuperChamps rookie Neil Hampson on his debut following a strong showing in the Junior Sprint League this season and Josh Gora behind him behind. Archie Gale initially struggled on pace through practice and the first heat but came back to clinch a win Heat 2 after a 3-way battle for the lead splitting the top 3 by just 0.6s. This set us up for an incredible final in the N35s which saw a 4-way battle extend through the entire 15 minutes, with all four of these drivers having lead a lap. By the end of the race Archie Gale had manage to stretch out a 3 second lead to take a dominant win for the lights, while an unfortunate 1-place penalty promoted Charlie Edge to 2nd and Neil Hampson rounding out the podium.


The N35 Heavies saw Baxter Rawlings on a charge to solidify his place in the standings, taking the win in class for both heats and the final with Patryk Welna following close behind.


In the DMAX Lights category saw Bertie Bream continue his win streak, taking first place in the practice, a win in both his heats and a comfortable win in the final. A strong defensive drive from Jude Beaven found him taking the win in both heats while Jake Renshaw followed close behind. An unfortunate mechanical issue gave Ewan Reeves a P3 finish in the final but the all-important fastest lap point still went to Jake Renshaw with a fastest lap just 1 hundredth faster than Bertie Bream.


The DMAX Heavies battle for the championship came out in full force on track, with Justin Elliot taking a strong P4 overall finish in practice and setting him up well for Heat 1. An incredible drive by Mario Nacarlo found him not only ahead of Justin Elliot but P2 overall and just 1 tenth of a second off of the the win in heat 1. Two more fantastic races would finish off the round for the DMAX Heavies, with Mario and Justin fighting tooth and nail for track position, with just 4 tenths splitting them in Heat 2 and three tenths separating them in the Final. In the end it was Mario Nacarlo who took home the first place trophy and once again just 1 hundredth of a second gave him his fastest lap point. Justin Elliot and Matthew Rogers on his debut rounded out the podium.

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