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Week 3: Daytona Racing Championships 2023

Week 3: Daytona Racing Championships 2023

Week Three

Week 3 of the Daytona Go-Karting Championships was a thrilling experience for all who participated. InKart at Sandown Park saw James Finlay, Jamie Warner, and Wyatt McAlistar take the top spots, while Zac McDonald won the Junior Sprint League.

Over at Milton Keynes, Adam Thomas, Kuba Wozniak, Lee Schnitzler, and Charlie Smith came out on top in the SuperChamps.

Tamworth also saw its fair share of exciting races, with Artur Marczak and Kye Turner dominating the InKart race, and William Emerson, Jake Deakin and Dillon Davis, taking the gold in the Superchamps. The first round of Thursday Night League 2023 saw Mark Rollinson, Darren Holliday, and Jude Beavan take the top spots.

It is clear that the Daytona Go-Karting Championships are bringing out the best in these racers, as they continue to push each other to new heights with each passing week.

We can't wait to see what the next week of races has in store for us!


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