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Week 5: Daytona Racing Championships 2023

Week 5: Daytona Racing Championships 2023

Week Five

A week of exciting races and impressive victories. At Tamworth, Jude Beaven, William Emerson, and Dillon Davis emerged as the champions in SuperChaps, while Jacob Aston and Matei Fluturu-Comanescu dominated the InKart event.

Over at Sandown Park, Wyatt McAlister, Jamie Warner, and Luca Masarati showcased their skills and claimed victory in the InKart. Warner also added another win to his name by also winning the Junior Sprint League.

Milton Keynes saw some fierce compettion, with Kuba Wozniak, Adam Thomas, Adam Barass, and Barry Morris taking home the SuperChamps trophies. James Brown and Josh Davis claimed victory in the Sprint League, showing their talent on the track.

Congratulations to all the winners and good luck to all the drivers for the next round.

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