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Week 9: Daytona Championships

Week 9: Daytona Championships

Week Nine

A week full of SuperChamps!

All three venues saw SuperChamps for week 9 of the Daytona Championships.

Sandown Park saw Keo Derrek, Olly Cooper-Welton, Tom Brown and Alex Tucker all take home SuperChamps titles. These drivers put in an impressive performance, showing their skill and determination on the track. It was a well-deserved win for each of them.

Over at Milton Keynes, Lewis Burton, James Brown, Phillip Baboolal, and Kuba Wozniak were the winners of SuperChamps. The competition was tough, but these drivers managed to outpae their opponents and come out on top. Joe fletcher took home gold in the Junior Sprint League, showcasing his talent and potential as a future champion.

Finally Tamworth saw Jude Beaven, William Emerson, and Dillon Davis dominate in Superchamps. The competition was fierce, but these drivers showed that they have what it takes to be champions. Kye Turner and Matei Fluturu-Comanescu were the winners of InKart, demonstrating their skill and versatility on the track.

In addition to these impressive performances, William Stephenson won the N35 Sprint League at Milton Keynes. Although the DMAX category wasn't run this week, the other drivers put on a great show, making it a thrilling event for all who attended.

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