Young Guns Racing and Team KDS Victorious in Daytona 24 Hours

Young Guns Racing and Team KDS Victorious in Daytona 24 Hours

Young Guns Racing won the Daytona International 24 Hours this weekend at Daytona Milton Keynes with an exemplary display of team endurance racing – winning the DMAX Class by 7 clear laps from Time Crisis 2 with Six Helmets Racing finishing third. The overall winners of the race completing 1151 laps after battling the very wet circuit on Saturday afternoon but enjoying the drying tarmac overnight and into Sunday.

Team KDS did a similar job in the Sodi Class, also winning by seven laps from Pink Racing and third paced Brentwood Banta. The teams in both classes enjoying excellent racing in the changeable conditions, with rain creating challenges during Saturday afternoon and then the drying circuit overnight meaning that the teams collectively did enough mileage to circumnavigate the world!

Daytona’s circuit just 40 miles North of London hosted 42 teams who enjoyed superb racing over 24 hours across Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th October – with 39 of the starting teams making it to the chequered flag – including two solo teams, where just one driver raced across the entire 24 hours.

Tom Pughe completed 884 laps racing on his own in the DMAX Class and Charlie Rickett completed 834 laps in a Sodi RT8 Kart – both drivers setting new records for their classes for solo endurance racing whilst also raising £1000’s for their respective charities.

Daytona Motorsport would like to congratulate all the drivers for their achievements over the weekend and would like to publicly congratulate the entire team from across the Daytona Motorsport group who delivered yet another amazing 24 Hour Team Endurance Race.

The full official results are below and you can see lots of videos from the event on Daytona Milton Keynes’ Facebook Page – all of which were broadcast live from the circuit during the weekend! Click here to watch the coverage of the final 30 minutes of the race and the podium award ceremony.

The class winners also set respective fastest laps for their classes and collected Lewis Hamilton Signed Replica helmets kindly provided by Blackbird Communications.


Daytona International 24 Hours 2017 Official Results

PosTeamClassLapsDiffBest TimeBest LapBest Speed
1Young Guns RacingDMAX115101:05.6293965.825 km/h
2Time Crisis 2DMAX11447laps01:06.4054065.055 km/h
3Six Helmets RacingDMAX11395laps01:06.4385465.023 km/h
4Clive Emson AuctioneersDMAX11363laps01:06.2664065.192 km/h
5The UndertakersDMAX11297laps01:07.050764.43 km/h
6KDS RacingSODI11281laps01:09.51267462.148 km/h
7Pink RacingSODI11217laps01:10.07885461.646 km/h
8Brentwood BantaSODI11192laps01:09.6858261.993 km/h
9Team Want2RaceSODI11172laps01:10.2347861.509 km/h
10Very Fat, Downright OutragedDMAX111734.353secs01:07.3867564.108 km/h
11Algorithmic AscendancySODI11161laps01:10.30416361.447 km/h
12SpeedsportSODI111623.358secs01:10.103104961.624 km/h
13GB Precision RacingDMAX11124laps01:07.6421363.866 km/h
14Banter GPSODI11093laps01:10.136961.595 km/h
15Lap of the GodsSODI11072laps01:09.8863361.815 km/h
16Swindon KartingSODI11052laps01:10.40453661.36 km/h
17DSD RacingSODI11023laps01:10.09414061.632 km/h
18Naponos SKRDMAX11011laps01:07.1023764.38 km/h
19B.T.M. RacingSODI10992laps01:10.1863761.551 km/h
20Team PFKSODI10972laps01:09.90267661.801 km/h
21M4 RacersSODI10943laps01:10.57449461.212 km/h
22Team MooSODI10904laps01:10.59570361.194 km/h
23Team GazelleDMAX10891laps01:08.5364763.033 km/h
24Only Fools & CarterDMAX108940.728secs01:07.03613264.443 km/h
25Going Going GoneSODI10854laps01:10.1016861.625 km/h
26KartForce IISODI10841laps01:11.11882360.744 km/h
27KartForce ISODI10822laps01:10.55980861.225 km/h
28The RozbergsSODI106913secs01:12.0038459.998 km/h
29Target RacingSODI10681laps01:11.31656060.575 km/h
30Ocset MotorsportSODI105810laps01:11.58066560.352 km/h
31Team CamoSODI105831.882secs01:11.16865060.701 km/h
32No Clue RacingSODI104711laps01:11.67615560.271 km/h
33British Racing TedSODI10398laps01:11.8879260.094 km/h
34Blackbird RacingDMAX10391.429secs01:09.71817861.964 km/h
35The Fat and The FuriousDMAX10354laps01:07.71712563.795 km/h
36Team RBR – Ricky Bobby RacingDMAX10305laps01:08.9501262.654 km/h
37#24HourCancerMKDMAX884146laps01:06.06610965.389 km/h
38Team Crickett Racing HeadwaySODI83450laps01:12.24153159.8 km/h
394za MotorsportSODI77361laps01:09.9407461.767 km/h
40SWB4SODI241532laps01:11.3783260.523 km/h
412 Fat, 2 FuriousDMAX86155laps01:07.3682864.125 km/h