Daytona Motorsport - All Events

Daytona Motorsport gives you the opportunity to experience a variety of exciting karting events as well as the amazing Daytona F1 Pit Stop Challenge

Karting - Grand Prix Racing Heats

After the briefing all drivers take to the circuit for practice followed by a minimum of 3 qualifying heats per driver. Each race begins with an F1 style grid formation and drivers start from different grid positions for each race. At the end of the heats the quickest drivers qualify for the semi-finals. Only the best drivers from the semi-finals go through to the grand final with the top three drivers climbing the podium overlooking the circuit for the awards ceremony.

Karting - Individual Driver Sprints

All drivers take part in a practice/qualifying session which will determine their grid position for the race (Race lengths vary from 20 to 60 minutes). The race begins from the grid and the 3 drivers that complete the most laps are invited onto the podium overlooking the circuit for the awards ceremony.

Karting - Endurance Racing

Each team driver completes practice laps to get to grips with both the kart and the circuit and post their fastest lap to clinch Pole Position for their team.

A nominated driver from each team grids up and at the green light races for their stint in a full throttle endurance race. Communication and teamwork are key, as each team must return to the pits and swap drivers midrace, just like Le Mans! The race will be won or lost in this critical hand over and the team that works best as a unit has a great advantage. Trophies await the drivers of the top 3 teams at a podium presentation with photos, and lap time printouts for all participants. Team Endurance Races range from 30 minutes to 24 hours in duration for teams of 2 to 12 drivers.

Karting – Tuition

If you would like to learn how to lap like a pro, we offer a range of Tuition Options – including One2One Tuition and Masterclasses for small groups. We use state of the art data-logging systems, combined with our instructors' unrivalled experience, to show you how to lap our circuits quickly and confidently and to help you to cope with traffic. If you would like more information about our tuition options, please call us on 033 033 278 70, select Option 9 and speak to Mark who will be able to guide you to the correct tuition. If you are a Junior Driver (under 16), then we offer both One2One Tuition and our popular One Day Raceschool options during school holidays.

Pit Stop Challenge

The Daytona Pit Stop Challenge captures all of the excitement and technology of Formula 1 and is the perfect supplement to a conference or race event, and can also be booked as a stand-alone experience. If your objective is team building you need look no further than the Daytona Pit Stop Challenge. Teams compete to change the wheels and tyres on an EJ10 Jordan F1 Car against the clock and against each other. The key to success is teamwork and the challenge is structured to bring out the best in the team. The pit stop challenge can be incorporated into a race event or a conference at any suitable location.

Platoon Laser

Platoon Laser is the UK’s latest and best Laser Tag Combat Zone. Perfect for team-building, Platoon Laser combines the very latest technology in laser weaponry with a purpose built battle arena and a range of different missions. Platoon Laser is an excellent way to promote team spirit and to reward both staff and customers with exclusive event options for up to 100 players allowing companies the chance to combine the combat missions with a conference, a kart race and superb hospitality.

Daytona Exclusive Events