Motorsport is a shining example of what can be achieved when people truly work together as a team - just look at a Formula 1 pit stop!


It stands to reason that Daytona really understand how to invoke those same qualities in your team. Your goal may be to form new teams or to bring disparate ones together; or perhaps to develop bonds between departments or even customers and suppliers. Daytona offers solutions for all of the above and more. We will enable your team to clarify their goals, identify and eliminate obstacles, and ultimately succeed in a pressurised situation.


The Daytona F1 Pit-Stop Challenge captures all the excitement and tension of a genuine Formula 1 pit stop to test the mettle of the most disciplined team.

Designed as the ultimate bonding and team-building exercise, The Daytona F1 Pit-Stop Challenge sees teams competing against each other and the clock when changing the wheels and tyres of a genuine Formula 1 racing car in the shortest possible time. The Pit Stop Challenge is the perfect activity to complement a race event or corporate function.


Daytona have the unique ability to brand the Car in your own corporate livery and we can even bring the Daytona F1 Pit-Stop Challenge to you – as a standalone event or as a team building activity within a conference or function! We provide all necessary equipment, full briefing and a variety of exciting formats to reflect the number of participants – anywhere from 14 to 224 competitors – and so can meet almost any customer’s needs. With digital timing, trophies and photos too, the Daytona F1 Pit-Stop Challenge really is the ultimate Team-building activity.

An office party taking part in a go-kart race at Daytona Tamworth which is located just outside Birmingham


Competing as a team to complete as many laps as possible and to win the race! Drivers race in teams and share a kart – ideal for building bonds and relationships and ensuring that everyone contributes to the task. Each team driver takes to the circuit in the practice session to try to help qualify their kart as high up the grid as possible – and then again in their race stints.


Communication and teamwork are vital, as each driver must return to the pits midrace, refuel and hand over to a colleague, just like Le Mans! The race may be won or lost in this critical hand over and only teams that work together will prevail. Team Endurance Races are rarely won by the team with the fastest lap time – they are usually won by the team that work together.


At Daytona Milton Keynes, we are proud to host the UK’s leading laser battle arena – offering a whole range of team-based missions specifically designed to develop communication, strategy, problem solving and above all teamwork – not to mention being exceptionally good fun!

We can help you design a day combining all of the above team activities, as well as class-room sessions in our air conditioned meeting rooms so that your next team building day can be the very best possible.