Bambino & Junior Karting


Kart racing is the best and safest way for young people to learn the disciplines of motorsport. In fact, you will find that nearly all successful racing drivers today began their careers in this exciting field.


Age range 6 to 7 years – minimum height 107cm (3’6”) with a minimum inside leg of 48cm (19”) maximum height 130cm tall (4’3”) All children must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult at all times.


Bambino Karting provides younger drivers with the opportunity to experience the thrill of controlling a race kart – but in a safe, closely managed environment. Whilst capable of speeds of up to 25 mph, the karts are strictly governed for younger drivers. Our venues have designed and built dedicated beginner circuits for the Bambino Experience. The circuits are surrounded with Europalight barriers that provide the maximum safety for drivers. Once drivers have proved their ability and kart control, they will be considered for Arrive&Drive sessions on the venues’ main Junior Circuits.


All novice drivers aged 6-7 years must first complete a Bambino Induction offer drivers the chance to complete a series of kart control and driving modules. Our Bambino Induction includes a comprehensive safety briefing, all equipment and supervision by experienced race marshals.


After successfully completing the Bambino Induction, Bambino Drivers can enjoy Arrive&Drive sessions on the venues’ more technical Junior Circuits, typically scheduled during school holidays and at weekends.

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Age range 8 to 15 years – minimum height 125cms (4’1”).

Please be advised that it is possible that children may drive with other children of varying ages, experience and talent. Daytona Motorsport will of course manage all events with safety as the primary concern.

All children must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult at all times.


These timed practice sessions for juniors are typically scheduled during school holidays and at weekends on our junior circuit – wide and flowing, ideal for building confidence.

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Our specially developed One Day Race School is perfect for drivers aged 8 to 15 years who want to get started in motor racing. Youngsters are taken step by step through all aspects of racing to equip them with the right techniques and an understanding of the sport. Race School includes classroom theory and lots of track tuition, plus racing. Junior Race School is conveniently scheduled during the school holidays so places are in demand making pre-booking essential. On successfully completing Race School, Junior drivers are then eligible to drive on our 900m GP Circuit in Advanced Junior Arrive&Drive and to join InKart, Daytona’s prestigious Championship.


Daytona Sandown Park offers Exclusive circuit hire for Birthday Celebrations, with a minimum age of 8 years and no maximum age, parents and older siblings can join in too. Once the drivers have registered and signed in, they are issued race suits before going through to the safety briefing – a thorough explanation of track safety and flags, and kart control. Each driver is then issued their helmet and race gloves and taken to the safety of the pit lane, where they receive individual briefing on the controls. After a final safety check in which the children must demonstrate their understanding and ability to operate the karts, it’s then out onto track to enjoy their Exclusive Track session. Our Party packages are designed for groups of up to 10 drivers and there a host of superb extras available to really make it a day to remember!

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