Daytona Sandown Park offers a range of state-of-the-art karts - with separate fleets for Bambinos, Cadets, Juniors and Seniors - plus a dedicated fleet of high-performance DMAX 125cc Two Stroke Karts.

Go-Karts at Daytona Sandown Park

Bambino Fleet

Fleet of Honda GX35 powered Karts in a range of sizes made up of Alonso, Wright, and CRG Chassis to ensure we have the correct kart size for your child.

Engine: Honda GX35

Top speed: 20mph

Power: 1.3 BHP

Suitable for: Ages 6-7

Cadet Kart

Chassis: BIZ Cadet EVO 3

Engine: Honda GX160

Top speed: 45 mph

Power: 4.8 bhp

Special Features:

  • Adjustable pedals and seat
  • Self adjusting hydraulic brake system
  • Roll bar to protect against rear impacts
  • Evo3 Cadet sectional bumper system with full kart wraparound
  • Custom Daytona Bodywork

Suitable for: Ages 8-11

Junior Kart

Chassis: Biz Le Mans Chassis

Engine: Honda GX200 Engine

Top speed: 45 mph

Power: 6.5 BHP

Special Features:

  • Adjustable pedals
  • Custom Daytona Bodywork

Suitable for: Ages 12-15

SODI GX270 4 Stroke Kart

Chassis: SODI SR5 GX270 Chassis

Engine: Honda GX270 RDG4 4-Stroke Engine

Top speed: 50 mph

Power: 9 BHP


  • F1 style steering wheel
  • Wet clutch
  • Full LED Light Package
  • Adjustable Seat & Pedals
  • SODI Impact Absorption System
  • Belt Transmission

Suitable for: Ages 14+

DMAX 125cc 2 Stroke Kart

Chassis: Custom-Built Birel N35 Race Chassis

Engine: Rotax Max 125cc EVO Engine

Top Speed: 70mph

Power: 22 BHP


  • Electric Starter
  • Adjustable seat and pedals
  • Centrifugal Clutch
  • Custom Daytona Bodywork

Suitable for: Ages 16+