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Daytona Championships

Daytona Championships


For all Daytona Championship photos and more, please click here.


We will publish a separate race report highlighting finales and championship winners next week - please stay tuned.

Daytona Milton Keynes



Heat 1:

The Sodis headed out onto the Cliff drop and Bus-stop layout of the Daytona Milton Keynes circuit for the heats format. The first heat was exciting from the start. With the SODIs now having standing starts instead of rolling starts, would there be any jump starts from drivers unfamiliar? The answer was no, however Dmitry who started on pole had a very poor getaway and by the time he was even looking to turn into the second corner, was already swamped and down to 8th position, with the field behind all bunched up fighting with many championship contenders starting towards the back, including Charlie Fenton who started in last, already up 5 positions. At the front Nathaniel Stebbings led with mostly younger drivers having moved up from JSL also close behind. As Charlie Fenton looked to make more places he was pushed wide at the hairpin of 10, with the position being given back to him, and another sneaky driver who found a way through as well into the last corner. By the end of lap 3 Dmitry had fallen down to the back of the pack but wouldn’t finish there as Jadon would soon make a mistake and find himself stuck in the barrier. At the front Max Lindgren would lead by 4s over Nathaniel, who also had a fast-closing Jacob 4s back. As the race quietened out Nathan King would try to find a way past Tom Illingworth and Jacob would look to take 2nd place with Charlie Fenton also closing in after a spectacular first 7 minutes. As the chequered flag flew it was Max Lindgren who won the first heat, with Jacob Csepreghi finding a way past and up into 2nd. Nathaniel Stebbings would finish in 3rd with Charlie Fenton leading the heavies in 4th overall, 5 places in front of Kristine Kolodziejski who had a good race to finish in second in the heavies on her debut.

Heat 2:

Heat 2 was a much quieter race with the field lining up very similar to the championship standings. Charlie Fenton would begin on pole and try to dart away. Further back Radu Melian would become victim number 2 to spinning at turn 10 and falling to last. Many of the newer light drivers would fail to make up many places in this heat and remain at the back of the pack. Charlie Fenton would fall back to 2nd as Liam Weatherall made a great move to take the lead. Nathan Clark watched on as he tried to replicate the move with Aiden Jones and Max Lindgren following behind. As the flag fell it was Liam who won, Charlie Fenton went defensive on the inside at the last corner to fend off Nathan Clark by just 9 thousandths of a second for P2 overall. Further back Kristine would have another strong race and Adam Green would pull away from the back half to catch up to the leading pack to finish in 7th overall and 2nd in the heavies.


With drivers starting in positions replicating their performance over the day so far, the first few laps would have the same general feel, with a couple of packs battling away, however not too many positions being made. Out at the front Jacob would return to the top step of the podium and win the race. Charlie Fenton who fell back at the start fought back up to P2 overall, however an advantage by contact on Liam Weatherall finishing in P3 overall, would land Charlie a 1 place penalty, promoting Scott Woosey, finishing in 7th overall the heavy win. Max Lindgren beat Aiden Jones to the last step on the light podium and Tom Illingworth joined the heavy podium. Kristine finished in 5th in the heavies behind Adam Green to have a great performance overall.



Heat 1:

With DMAX having split rolling starts, it was surprising when both the Lights and Heavies all picked up the pace a little bit before the green light started their race, but not too quickly to receive any penalties. Kristine Kolodziejski in P3 would get caught out after the standing start earlier on, and would drop down the order, with the heavy field spreading out very quickly. Ahead in the lights James King and Ethan Pritchard would replicate earlier rounds and pull away from the 6 drivers behind while battling for the lead. Benjamin Tomkinson-Grey would settle in P3 and slowly pull away in the lights while in the heavies Josh Davies held a 3s lead over Ashley Mayston King, who also held 3s over Lee Witney, who were all pulling over the rest of the field behind. As the race drew to a close Ethan Pritchard took the win just 7 tenths over James King, and 7 seconds ahead of Benjamin. In the heavies Josh Davies pulled a 6 second lead to win over Ashley and Lee Witney.

Heat 2:

Heat 2 saw an almost identical race as James King and Ethan Pritchard battled to the front, and then lead to the chequered flag over Benjamin behind. The heavies would be a lot more fun to watch as Barry Morris made a few moves forward and a strong defence to hold his position from those behind. A dive by Josh Davies down at turn 8 would see him not quite clear Ashley Mayston-King and end up just pushing him wide with the rear of his kart. Ashley would end up dropping another position as well by not backing out of the battle earlier and end up trying to regain the position from Scott Woosey to the end of the race, although not be able to win it back. Barry Morris saw the chequered flag first in the heavies for his first race win in a while over Lee Witney, who pulled a few seconds over Josh Davies and the battle behind.


The DMAX  Final would end up being another repeat of both H2 and the SODI final. The lights would make another fast start with Ethan and James pulling away. In the heavies Josh Davies would pull another lead over Lee Witney and the pack behind. The Lights would spread out to the chequered flag with Ethan taking a dominant win over James King by 8s. It was a further 4 seconds back to Benjamin who pulled away from Daniel Varlan and Harry Asher both finishing off the podium. In the heavies Ashley wouldn’t be able to catch Josh or Lee in front but would defend from Barry Morris to keep p3 and a place on the final podium of the day.


Daytona Tamworth


We were back to familiar territory for Inkart Round 5, running the heats format which would be a test of every driver’s racecraft on a hot June morning.


Harry Fitch was dominant in the first heat of the day, taking a victory of just under eight seconds ahead of the very quick Reuben Potter. Reuben spent the majority of the race battling with Noah Johnson, Noah eventually finishing in third. The two of them did a very good job in the first heat to stay ahead of the very strong Theo Laverty. As for their second heat, it was a similar story with Harry Fitch taking another victory and keeping the round sweep alive. This time it was not as easy, with Seb Thompson offering really good competition and only actually losing the heat by three tenths of a second. They were joined in the top three by Theo, who would possibly sneak into the A-Final with this performance.

Group two saw some incredible battling between Edgar Azevedo and Zachary Smith, both drivers finishing 1-2 in their two heats. Edgar got the better of the two on both occasions, but only thanks to some incredible defensive driving against Zachary, who had a really though time getting through despite good pace. They were joined in the top three in the first heat by Cordell Potter-Hayles, and Alfie Kells in the second – Alfie sneaking into the A-Final on his fastest lap.

In the first of the two finals, Reuben Potter put in a good recovery to take a firm victory of about seven seconds to Sebastian Simmonds. Sebastian was battling with Seb Thompson throughout the race, eventually finishing just seven tenths of a second ahead. The A-final was just as good of a battle, with Zachary spending much of the race battling Edgar. Edgar was eventually passed, with Zachary unable to pass Harry Fitch in a dramatic bid for the lead. Harry took the victory in the end.


The first group of Cadets was dominated by Jayden Steatham, who took victory in both heats. In the first, Jack Charles-Bailey was his main competition, only finishing a few tenths behind. George Marriot also got ahead of debutant Will Robets. It was a different story in the second heat, where George and Jack swapped positions after an interesting battle, though given how close the cadet field was their A-Final qualification was at risk, with group two set to decide it.

Speaking of Group two, the first group saw one of the cleanest battles of the day between Ethan Guest and Harry Kennedy, who pushed eachother all the way to the end – Ethan eventually only winning by two tenths of a second. There were just the three cadets in this group, with Henry Gordon finishing at the back of them due to struggling to find pace throughout the heat. This struggle would not last long however, as he swiftly dominated the second race and secured himself into the A-Final by virtue of his fastest lap. Harry Kennedy was penalised for a very close bump and pass in this heat, which stopped him finishing ahead of Ethan Guest at the end, but they would both continue their battle in the A-Final.

Before the very entertaining A-Final, the B-Final went out and saw a pretty decent battle for the lead. All three cadets were close throughout, but a little bit of drama towards the end of the race took former leader George Marriot out of contention, a takeout which was penalised. George couldn’t get back past second-placed Jack Charles-Bailey, having to settle for third – whilst Will Roberts stormed home to an unlikely victory on debut. There was just as much drama in the A-Final, where pretty much all of our four drivers were battling throughout the fifteen minutes. Ethan Guest eventually took victory due to his classy defending, with Jayden Steatham steaming through on the final lap to get ahead of Henry Gordon. Himself, Henry was only able to get ahead of Harry Kennedy by a couple tenths of a second.

We return to the cup format next time out, and with the gap at the top of the championship as close as it is – it’s set to be a very enthralling contest.


For all Daytona Championship photos and more, please click here.

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